Friday, May 18, 2012

Milk Thistle for Dog and Cats

Liver & Gallbladder Nutritional Supplement For Pets
90 capsules

Excellent for pets and people. Indicated for: gentle liver support, gallbladder support, improved digestion, constipation, pancreatitis

Who Can Benefit From Liver & Gallbladder Natural Supplement For Pets?

1) Pets with elevated liver enzymes
2) Pets with pancreatitis (aids in fat digestion but use with Lypozyme)
3) Pets and people with indigestion following eating fatty foods (especially gas, heartburn, acid stomach)--for best results, use the Livre & Gallbladder Package which includes Lypozyme and Power Probiotic
4) Pets taking medications such as NSAIDs for pain (e.g. Rimadyl)
5) Pets and people with gallbladder concerns

Liver & Gallbladder Natural Supplement For Pets is gentle and easy to administer to even the smallest pets. The capsule can be opened and a small amount can be sprinkled on food. It is very helpful for improving liver and gallbladder function as well as helping any pet or person having trouble digesting fats. It can help detoxify the liver when you are giving your pet medications, especially for pain such as Rimadyl or Deramaxx. Liver & Gallbladder Supplement For Pets is a broad-spectrum product that is effective for pets with all types of liver disease. It is very helpful for pets and people with signs of gallbladder disease (e.g. trouble digesting fats) and pancreatitis.

Liver & Gallbladder Natural Supplement For Pets is a comprehensive formula that includes a blend of important lipotrophic nutrients, combined with methyl donors and herbs that are used to support bile flow and healthy liver function. We like this product because it not only contains liver glandulars and other nutrients but it also includes Milk Thistle and Dandelion, time-tested herbs, backed by research, that have been used successfully for liver detoxification. In addition, Liver & Gallbladder Natural Supplement For Pets also helps with bile flow. Bile flow is critical for the digestion of fats and proper absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids. The liver is the largest organ in the body and plays a vital role in digestion, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, the storage of nutrients and detoxification of the body. What makes this product so unique is that Liver & Galbllader Natural Supplement For Pets is a quality, whole food nutritional product using raw materials that are primarily grown organically and processed using gentle manufacturing processes that preserve the natural content of the ingredients. Why is this so important? When you or your pet has liver issues, it is vital that you limit the amount of new toxins coming into the body as the liver is already in a state of toxic overload. Using natural ingredients will assure that you get the benefits of the product without introducing new synthetic substances often found in many supplements. This excellent liver support formula is commonly used by people and pets with liver conditions and those that just want to support good liver health.

Get more value by using our Liver & Gallbladder support packages. For pets or people who get indigestion from eating fatty foods OR with pancreatitis, we recommend the following regimen: Liver & Gallbladder Support + Lypozyme + Power Probiotic. Liver & Gallbladder Natural Supplement For Pets is also available at a reduced package price with Lypozyme.

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Benefits of Liver & Gallbladder Natural Supplement For Pets
Reduces abdominal ascites and swelling due to liver problems
• Reduces elevated liver enzymes
• Aids fat digestion and improves digestive disorders
• Improves bile flow and provides nutrients to support healthy gallbladder function
• Supports healthy liver function
• Supports Liver detoxification