Friday, October 26, 2012

Golden Retriever Dog Scratching, Itching and Chewing Constantly!

Dear Ask Ariel:  Our 6 year old Golden Retriever Goldie  has been constantly scratching, itching and chewing on herself.  She licks on her paws until they bleed.  I give her flea medication and don't see any fleas.  When I bring her to the veterinarian, he gives her a cortisone shot which helps and
some antibiotics.  But, within a few weeks, it comes right back.  Any suggestions?  Besty

Dear Betsy:  So sorry Goldie is so uncomfortable and is scratching and itching constantly.  Right now we are in the itchiest part of the year in some places.  There is a lot of environmental allergens which can make our pets miserable.  Supplements such as AllerEaze, Proaller and Notatum can really help control allergic reactions in pets. It is very important to give your dog Omega 3s daily as part of Goldie's regular diet.  Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and are very helpful for allergies.  We highly recommend Amazing Omegas because the impurities in the fish oil have been removed.

Be sure that you are not giving Goldie any foods that she could be allergic to.  Certain foods promote a lot of allergies such as grains.  Grains are found in many dog treats and dog food.  Grains include rice, quinoa, corn, wheat, flour, wheat gluten etc.  You would be surprised how many dog treats have hidden sources of gluten and grains in them.  Many dogs can become very itchy after consuming grains.  Also, be sure to avoid dairy, beef, chicken and peanut butter as these can make dogs very itchy as well.