Friday, March 10, 2017

Tips On How To Find The Best Kitty Litter

We asked Michelle a holistic-minded kitty mom of two cats for tips on how to find the best kitty litter and she graciously provided these terrific tips:

What to look for when searching for the perfect kitty litter for your feline family member:

-Clumping or not clumping?
-Scented or unscented?
-Dust free
-What kind of litter (clay, walnut shell etc)

There are many options to choose from including walnut shells, grass, pellets, newspaper, crystals, wheat & corn--So which to choose? Start by looking at the ingredients! This applies to food, toys and even litter. Cats spend a fair amount of time in the litter box and I personally don’t want my cat (or myself) inhaling anything that may be toxic or cause health problems later on in life (e.g. "litter lung"). There can be a lot of fragrance additives which may help eliminate the smell of your pet's waste, but do you want your cat inhaling synthetic fragrances?? I was using the walnut shell and it did a decent job but recently decided to try out an unscented grass option. So far, I have to say I'm loving it!! The unscented grass option does a pretty good job keeping odors to a minimum, doesn't track litter everywhere, clumps really well, is dust free and best of all, is completely natural dried grass with no additives or chemicals.

It's best to use a high-wall litter box and keep it filled 3-4 inches at all times. When you provide enough litter, your cat will be able to cover their waste which helps minimize the smells. It's also important to clean/scoop the litter box 2 times a day to keep odors at a minimum.