Friday, December 9, 2011

Golden Retriever Getting Recurring Ear Infections

Q: I have put both of my Golden Retrievers on a grain free diet. Both are doing well including improvement of a loose stool issue with my senior dog. My youngest dog is 3, he has has also improved in some areas but does get reoccurring ear infections from yeast even on a grain free dog food. What are possible other causes for him to get recurring ear infections?

A. Ideally, for pets that are getting recurring yeast and ear infections, you want to use a raw frozen diet, if at all possible. Raw frozen diets are highly digestible. You can use a raw frozen diet in combination with homemade. You just need to be sure the proteins are completely hypoallergenic. You can learn more about food allergies in pets by watching the Food Allergy Webinar.

In addition, for Golden Retrievers and dogs prone to allergies and ear infections, it is a good idea to use K9 Yeast Defense. K9 Yeast Defense controls yeast overgrowth and helps prevent recurring infections. Using a good probiotic, such as Power Probiotic,  along with the product will boost your Golden Retriever's immune system. Finally, Amazing Omegas reduces inflammation and allergic response. Many Golden Retrievers are prone to allergies so using the raw food diet (hypoallergenic proteins) along with the recommended supplements should prevent any future ear infections and yeast.