Saturday, November 26, 2011

Diet For Bichon Frise Bladder Stones (Calcium Oxalate Stones and Struvite)

Q: We have a lovely soon going to be 8 yr old Bichon Frise that has had 3 operations to remove bladder stones. I believe the first two were Struvite in nature but the last one was Cal Oxalate. She is scheduled for another surgury next week for more Cal Oxalate stones. Are there any proven diets that you are aware of that reduce the chances of forming Cal Oxalate stones? We love our dog but aren't sure how many surguries she can take without harming her??? Thank You, Ron & Carolyn 

A: Sorry to hear that your dog has had constant bladder stones (struvite and calcium oxalate stones). While it is true that some breeds such as Bichon Frise are more prone to developing bladder stones, we have worked successfully with many of these pets to prevent future bladder stones from reoccurring. Diet has everything to do with it! Using the appropriate diet along with some key supplements can make a tremendous difference in preventing future bladder stones. From a conventional veterinary perspective, pets are given prescription diets that manipulate the urinary pH which are often unsuccessful. These diets contain corn, byproducts and other fillers and there are much healthier, nutrition options. In addition, by altering the pH of a pet's urine one way using prescription diets (e.g. in your dog's case, she had struvite which grow in alkaline urine) the pet then becomes too acidic and develops calcium oxalate stones which grow in acidic urine. The key is to get your pet on a diet that is pH neutral using wholesome, hypoallergenic foods.

It's essential to give your Bichon supplements to prevent future bladder stones.  Renelix 
is a veterinary-recommended product used successfully with cats and dogs that have recurring crystals and stones.  This natural remedy is beneficial for cats and dogs with urinary tract crystals, stones, kidney disease and accumulation of toxins in the urinary tract.  Power Probiotic  is a must for any dog or cat that has stones, crystals or chronic UTIs.  These pets have taken multiple rounds of antibiotics which can destroy the beneficial bacteria in your pet's immune system.  Many probiotics don't survive a pet's stomach acid and are manufactured in such a way that they are only "live" at the time of manufacture.  If your Bichon has had constant infections, then it is essential to keep your dog on Power Probiotic, a multi-strain probiotic to help fight infections and recurrences.