Monday, November 14, 2011

What's In Pet Food? Ingredients That Should Not Be Included In Pet Food

Recently I spoke at the Pet Food Industry Advisory Committee Meeting at the Palms in Las Vegas. Many of the leading pet food industry manufacturers were present. I spoke about the ingredients that should be included and NOT included in pet food. Specifically requested that corn, byproducts, wheat, gluten and chemicals such as ethoxyquin be eliminated from pet food. Explained to them about how these ingredients are not natural foods that pets should eat and how they contribute to health problems in pets.

At Ask, we focus on holistic pet care and pet nutrition. Pet nutritionists play a crucial role in guiding pet owners on proper dietary choices to address various health issues in animals. Our goal is to  provide specialized nutritional advice, supplements, and holistic approaches to support the overall well-being of pets.  Our website has a complete library of articles about how you can use holistic pet care to improve the health of your pets.  What you feed your pets is very important and greatly affect their overall well being.  

 Here is a clip:

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