Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cat is Vomiting and Has IBD

Q: I have a 15 yr old kitty who has always been a barfer, believe me tests and money spent--nothing except maybe she had hairballs and she has had enemas when she gets constipated which is also something from time to time she has had even as a kitten. We did bloodwork, no prob; ultrasound showed IBD or IBS---she has lost weight, a lot for her size, vomits most of her wet food several times a week. likes dry food---i just now got her to eat only wet w/pumpkin, probiotics, flax, etc...and a small course of pred to help the inflammation. Everything fine for a couple days now she just barfed her prednisone and her food. She is a real pain to subQ; the older cat gets fluids 2x a week, he is easy but she hates it! i havent attempted since she bit me so hard i lost feeling in one of my joints. She is ordinarily a sweet cat but seems cranky and unhappy. I am adding glutamine to her diet and i think the wet is going to be ok w.fiber, etc...but she now threw up. it has been 4-5 days i thought we had it taken care of. she also leaves hard little pellets outside the box. can i give her Colace? I also give her lactulose which she doesnt like but i think helps--but even i can tell she needs hydration. thanks--

A: So sorry your kitty has been so uncomfortable. Chronic vomiting is usually due to food allergies. The most common food allergies in cats are poultry, grains and sometimes fish. Try using a grain-free diet with novel protein such as rabbit. That should definitely reduce the vomiting and IBD symptoms. Definitely use the Power Probiotic to help your cat's IBD, digestive problems and kidney concerns. The Power Probiotic is a multi-strain formula that helps to repopulate the bowel with good flora. This good bacteria helps to reduce inflammation in the bowel which will help your cat digest her food better and also help to promote normal bowel movements. It is very easy to administer--tasteless and is just a powder that is put in the food.