Saturday, September 10, 2011

Supplements For Cat With Kidney Cysts

Q: In May of this year we lost our almost 10year old Persian, Pebbles to kidney failure from polycystic kidney disease which neither of the breeders informed us about this disease. I had our other 2 Persians tested yesterday by ultrasound of their kidneys. Our other female Hershey came back clean but our male Mr. Snickers (chocolate point) has cysts on his left kidney only. Can I still use the Kidney Terrain for him even though he is not in kidney failure to help slow down the process? Sincerely, Iris

A: Dear Iris: This is a great question. Yes, it would be a really good idea to get your kitty started on some kidney support now before he is in kidney failure. The supplements help the kidneys to function better and are not medications. Thus, they are beneficial and provide nutrition and support which may help slow down the process. Here are some suggestions:

Kidney Terrain--provides vitamins and support for the kidneys

Renelix-- Would highly recommend this product because it helps to clear toxins from the kidneys. Many clients use in conjunction with the Kidney Terrain

Power Probiotic--- Easy to administer, just sprinkle on food. The Power Probiotic is very important for ALL pets, but especially pets with weak kidney function or liver function. It helps to repopulate good flora and keep toxins moving---this is fabulous product and well tolerated by cats.

So, yes, it is a good idea to try to help your cat now. It is not a good idea to wait until disease sets in as the body is in a much weaker state. Holistic care takes time and the more time you can help your pet, the better.