Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are You Unknowingly Giving Your Pet Antibiotics?

Are you using a Tear-Stain Product that contains antibiotics? You may not even realize that you are! Do not resort to tear-stain eliminators such as Angel's Eyes. What most pet owners don't realize when using products like this is that you are giving your pet a DAILY DOSE OF ANTIBIOTICS unknowingly. Angel's eyes and other similar products contain cattle antibiotics. Long-term use of antibiotics can have many serious consequences, not to mention, perpetuating the tear stain problem by causing yeast overgrowth and further reducing your dog's immune system.

It is essential to use Power Probiotic for your dog to help your pet feel better. Power Probiotic contains Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin has been shown to be a natural antibacterial agent and is found in tears.

Many light colored dogs develop tear stains under the eye. Breeds such as maltese , poodles and chihuahas may have their beautiful faces discolored with unsightly dark stains below the eyes. Even large pets such as yellow labradors may have dark brown stains under the eyes. Tear stains are not just cosmetic and may be a health concern that you need to address. You can eliminate tear stains naturally by doing the following.......

First, be sure to check with your veterinarian! Some dogs have a genetic predisposition and could be born with an abnormality in tear ducts or have developed blocked tear ducts. Be sure there isn't some type of structural defect, infection or inflammation. If your veterinarian rules out these conditions, then the next step is to address the problem from a natural standpoint: change the diet and add a few supplements to enhance your pet's skin and coat.

Many times pets have excessive tear staining due to allergies (food & environmental), digestive problems, yeast and/or poor diet. They generally have other conditions that accompany the tear stains such as bad breath, gas, tummy gurgling, loose stools or vomiting. These are all signs of poor digestion and a problem with the pet's food. Be sure you are using a grain-free diet---no grains such as oats, corn, wheat, gluten as these can be potential allergens for your pet. Some protein sources such as poultry can be a problem too. Watch those treats---many contain "hidden" allergens such as peanut butter or sugary carbohydrates such as molasses which promote yeast and bacteria overgrowth.

Power Probiotic is the first line of defense for tear stains and good digestive health. Power Probiotic is a 3rd party tested, multi-strain powerful immune booster that is very easy to administer to cats and dogs. Simply open the capsule of this tasteless formula and sprinkle on your pet's food. Even some of the pickiest cats have tolerated this on their food. Power Probiotic contains Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin has been shown to be a natural antibacterial agent and is found in tears. In addition, if your dog has any digestive issues, use a digestive enzyme such as Soothing Digestive Relief or Lypozyme. This will help the bad breath and digestive problems.

Treatment For The Eyes Using an all-natural product to gently cleanse the area underneath the idea will help cosmetically. Argentyn drops are a highly purified colloidal silver that can be put directly in the eye (for a few weeks) and/or given daily as a natural source of antibacterial support.

Allergies? Finally, if your dog has any signs of paw licking, genital licking, ear infections, allergies, it is important to use some basic allergy support supplements. AllerEase, Pet Allergy and Skin Package or K9 Yeast Defense (works best to use a combination) will help.

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