Friday, April 8, 2011

Help Fight Infection and Promote Healing with Argentyn

Argentyn Anti-Infection Formula

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Through April 12th

We love Argentyn! This terrific colloidal silver is extremely pure, easy to use, backed by significant research and really delivers! Argentyn can be used topically on any type of irritation or internally to boost immune function. Drops can be put directly in the nose or ears to fight infection. Excellent for oral and topical use--convenient and easy spray, dropper or pourable cap.

Here is how Argentyn 23 can benefit you and your pet:

* Fights infection and boosts immune response

* Promotes healing of the skin *Reduces topical pain (great for sunburn!!!)

* Calms minor inflammation reducing the swelling, redness and heat

* Great for bug bites, itching, burns and scrapes

* Spray and drop in sore ears

The product tastes very much like water and yet offers powerful immune support. Note: Argentyn must be stored in a glass bottle. Save the dropper or spray bottle when you reorder the economy size or get the Starter Pak for best results.