Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gardening with your dog or cat is fun

Gardening is great fun for you and your pets. I have never been much of a gardnerer but recently started growing some heirloom tomatoes, beets, etc. It's very relaxing and is good for the whole family to get outside. Season is early but we already grew one tomato, a beet (pictured) and some broccoli. My huskies Bleu and Legend love to watch us in the garden and soak up the sunshine! Legend looks oh so cuddly above but he is quite a mischievious creature. We kept noticing that there were nibbles on our squash and pumpkin plants. It was very odd and we thought that rabbits or bugs were eating the leaves off. We even found some where a few pieces of the leaves were left. Sure enough, I caught my mischievous doggie chomping on the squash plants. Thank goodness he doesn't like the strawberry leaves and tomato plants. He is just having fun pretending he is a billy goat instead of a dog!