Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cat with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD Improves using Digestive Supplements


Snookie has inflammatory bowel disease and has been close to passing away on several occasions. I think the last time they would have put her to asleep, but i was alone and crying so they put her in the hospital for two days on fluids and told me I need to prepare myself and be strong.

They called me and told me to bring her home for the weekend and say my goodbyes. She was so ill and i was heartbroken. I ordered two supplements~ The Soothing Digestive Relief and the Power Probiotic for Snookie and started them that weekend. After one capsule of each, she was a new cat! It was a true miracle!!! ... literally, ONE CAPSULE!!She was no longer in pain, no longer throwing up and was running around playing and purring!!! I was so amazed!!

It has been almost a year and she is still doing so great! She still takes her steroids every other day, but she is no longer in pain and is a very active happy cat! I am so thankful that you gave me more precious time with my Snookie!!

Thank you so very much!
~Lisa and Snookie (Ohio)