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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best Probiotic For Pets

A healthy balance of gut bacteria is vital to the welfare of your pet.  For cats and dogs, the digestive tract is the most important (and largest) immune organ in their body.  A proper ratio of good-to-bad bacteria is essential to insure their immune system is working properly.  If the good bacteria balance is upset, it can result in a multitude of digestive disorders, which if left untreated, could lead to a more serious illness.

The fine balance of good-to bad bacteria can be effected by both physical and emotional stressors. Physical stressors can include; poor diet, illness and/or medications such as steroids and antibiotics, or chronic digestive issues (such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease). Emotional stressors can be anything that upsets the normal routine or your cat (travel or change in living situations).

 Power Probiotics for Pets is a multi-strain formula, 3rd party tested for purity and is guaranteed to survive your pet's stomach acid.  The friendly bacteria organisms in this product will help correct any bacterial imbalance and help healthy cells to thrive in the gastrointestinal tract. It can help with improving digestion and detoxification. It can also help your pet fight infections, with overall immune system support.

Here's what Dexter's Mom had to say about the Power Probiotic:

“I want to thank you for the Power Probiotic. This product is amazing! Dexter (my black 6-month old Toy Poodle) slept awesome last night! Better than he has in weeks! I forgot to give him his usual Probiotic pill at 10pm last night. Well, he got up and walked around a little at 2:45am and seemed a little uncomfortable, so I got up and gave him a 1/2 capsule of Power Probiotic and we went back to bed and I didn't hear a peep out of him until 7:00am. No stomach gurgling, no burping, no nasal congestion, no incessant scratching, no more pacing the floor...Yay! This was the 4th night of Power Probiotic, so I really think they are helping. Thank you so much for creating this product and for really caring about our babies!!”
Cheryl Smith, Orange County, CA  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Probiotics Benefit Cat with IBD

Q: I believe my cat has IBD and I was wondering if we should get a biopsy and diagnosis first before trying the probiotic, etc formulas offered on the website? Thanks, Angela

A: Hi Angela, Many cats are diagnosed with "IBD" due to food allergies. The most common food allergies are poultry and grains. Please be sure to watch this brief webinar below about food allergies. Using the Power Probiotic and Soothing Digestive Relief will help your cat to digestive the food. These are natural, healthy vitamins for any pet with or without IBD. You may want to try changing the diet and using these supplements (ideally using the IBD Kit and Colostrum for Pets would be best) and then seeing if your kitty is still in discomfort before proceeding to more invasive procedures.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cat with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD Improves using Digestive Supplements


Snookie has inflammatory bowel disease and has been close to passing away on several occasions. I think the last time they would have put her to asleep, but i was alone and crying so they put her in the hospital for two days on fluids and told me I need to prepare myself and be strong.

They called me and told me to bring her home for the weekend and say my goodbyes. She was so ill and i was heartbroken. I ordered two supplements~ The Soothing Digestive Relief and the Power Probiotic for Snookie and started them that weekend. After one capsule of each, she was a new cat! It was a true miracle!!! ... literally, ONE CAPSULE!!She was no longer in pain, no longer throwing up and was running around playing and purring!!! I was so amazed!!

It has been almost a year and she is still doing so great! She still takes her steroids every other day, but she is no longer in pain and is a very active happy cat! I am so thankful that you gave me more precious time with my Snookie!!

Thank you so very much!
~Lisa and Snookie (Ohio)
Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Terms: Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease/Cat IBD/Feline Irritable Bowel Disease

If your cat has been diagnosed with feline inflammatory bowel disease, this is a term that describes a variety of gastrointestinal disorders which can occur in the small or large intestine or stomach. While the diagnoses is characterized by inflammation of the mucosal lining in the digestive tract, pet owners may simply observe symptoms such as weight loss, vomitting, lack of appetite or diarrhea. What can be frustrating to pet parents is that their cat may have eaten a variety of foods for many years and now with age, the cat is displaying this intestinal discomfort. For some cats, the symptoms appear when they are young kittens but many times, it appears in older cats. Sometimes the symptoms can be a sign of another health disorder such as pancreatitis, kidney disease, intestinal lymphoma, for example, so it is very important to see your veterinarian right away if your cat is displaying any of these symptoms. Please don't just disregard it as simple pickiness or hairballs, there could be an underlying serious problem.

Many times, this is good wake up call for a pet parent. This is especially true since feline inflammatory bowel disease can often respond well to dietary changes. I have spoken with many pet parents who for years were feeding lower quality (albeit popular name--well advertised) commercial brands without ever looking at the ingredients. Now, that their cat is having problems, for the first time, they are finally realizing that feeding foods just because their kitty "likes it" isn't always the best for their cat's health. It can be tough to transition your cat away from some of these brands, in the same way as it it tough to take a child off junk food and introduce fresh fruit in place of candy. But, it can be done and many, many pet parents have been amazed at how much better their cats look and feel. Sometimes it means eliminating poultry, fish and a variety of other potential allergens. Each case is different however, so for best results, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your veterinarian or pet nutritionist. Click here for more information about feline inflammatory bowel disease at AskAriel.