Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update on Daisy The Obese Labrador Retriever

Above are the latest pictures of Daisy, the obese Labrador Retriever that Ariel Rescue saved from the shelter. It is now just 3 weeks later and Daisy has lost----drum roll please---16 pounds!!!!! Yes--it is possible and it is safe. Daisy's progress is being closely managed by our veterinarian, who is carefully monitoring her bloodwork and healing process.

 When Karen, our dedicated head volunteer at Ariel Rescue first saved Daisy, she weighed 119 pounds at the Orange County Shelter. Daisy could barely move. Her neck was so fat that a collar was useless because her head was smaller than her neck. Karen got her the veterinary care she desperately needed too, as Daisy's thyroid was not functioning properly, her coat was like steel wool and she was full of yeast.

 Daisy has been using our Ask Ariel's Amazing Omegas, K9 Yeast Defense and Power Probiotic and she is now yeast free. She is following our Ask Ariel diet program and getting plenty of exercise. What is so significant about the pictures above is that Daisy is MOVING!!! Although poor Daisy was only 4 years old, she was so neglected and looked like a pot belly big. Her owners bred her nonetheless and her nipples were hanging down practically to the ground. Daisy is now a dog on the mend and it is all thanks to Karen, the wonderful caring volunteer at Ariel Rescue who is fostering Daisy. Daisy is now 103 pounds. It won't be long until Daisy breaks through the 100 pound mark and we will all cheer!!!!!