Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pet Obesity--It's Time to Take Action Now!

Pictured above is our most recent rescue dog Daisy who has been the victim of animal abuse. Why animal abuse you might say? Well......Daisy when first rescued weighed in nearly 40 pounds heavier than she should weigh AND she was so overweight, she could barely move her neck. She couldn't wear a collar because it would fall off due to the fact that her head was smaller than her neck. It took Daisy nearly 45 minutes to WALK ONE BLOCK! Yet, Daisy is a purebred 4 year old labrador retriever who should be running free and chasing around in the yard. Instead, what did her owners do? FED HER....all day long and on top of that, they bred her as well. Daisy was gasping for air just to take a few steps. Her coat was like steel wool and she looked like a pot bellied pig with her nipples hanging down so low, they nearly touched the ground. This is a disgusting example of how people can take a beautiful dog and terribly neglect it--literally ruining the poor dog's life. Her owners now had a problem--they sold all of Daisy's puppies, but what to do with her? So they decided to take her to the pound to euthanize her---all because of their own abuse! Fortunately, the shelter by law had to wait 2 days in which time Karen, our dedicated volunteer at Ariel Rescue saved her. She took Daisy to the veterinarian and we had her bloodwork done. Daisy's thyroid and other blood values were not functioning properly. Within 10 days, Karen has already trimmed 9 pounds from Daisy (pictured above after losing the weight) and her coat is now improving as well. She still has 30 pounds to go and we will be tracking her progress. We will all cheer for Daisy as she makes this incredible recovery, thanks to the incredible dedication of Karen and Ariel Rescue volunteers.

Many people don't realize the effect that obesity can have on their pets. It is not just a physical appearance issue. It is a very serious health concern. Obesity is linked to heart disease, cancer, liver disease, diabetes, joint problems--the list goes on and on. Giving your pet that extra biscuit which you might think is just a little treat, can pack on pounds year after year. Over 60% of pets in the United States are obese. Shower your pets with love and attention--go on a walk--play with them, please, please remember, just like you, your pets are what they eat!