Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golden Retriever is Scratching and Itching Constantly

Q: Dear Ariel: My 5 year old Golden Retriever Ginger is scratching, chewing and itching constantly. I can't sleep because she wakes me up shaking the bed. She licks at her private parts and has some small red sores on her tummy. I am feeding her a good dog food Nutrimax and bring her to the veterinarian but he just keeps giving her more antibiotics and shots. Is there anything else I can do?

A: So sorry to hear that Ginger is scratching and itching. This can be a big problem especially during this time of year. For immediate relief, it is important that you do bring Ginger back to your veterinarian as you don't want her to have her infections get worse. However, for long-term relief, it is important to determine the cause of the underlying infection.

It is essential to use Pet Allergy and Skin Package to help Ginger feet better. The Pet Allergy and Skin Package helps reduce inflammation, reduce itching, and improves your pet's immune response.

It sounds as though Ginger has allergies. She may have both environmental and food allergies. For Golden Retrievers and other dogs with allergies, the first thing you want to do is be sure to remove all potential allergens from the diet. This includes corn, grains, wheat, chicken, beef, peanut butter, etc from her diet. Also, dogs that eat dry kibble may also have additional itching problems because dry food can sometimes contribute to yeast overgrowth as well.

In addition to a hypoallergenic diet, you would want to also give Ginger some supplements to help support her immune system and give her much needed relief from her symptoms.
Here is a list of suggestions:

1) Pet Allergy and Skin Package---The Pet Allergy and Skin Package includes a very powerful fish oil called Amazing Omegas which helps to reduce inflammation and is great for allergies. The Proaller and Notatum combination work together to reduce itching, inflammation and improve your pet's immune response.

2) Allergy Combination Drops---The Allergy Combination Drops are especially helpful for small pets who may be difficult to administer pills. Try putting a few drops on your fingers or directly into your pet's mouth. These drops help to relieve symptoms quickly by reducing the toxins that may contribute to allergy symptoms.

3) Power Probiotic---This is important for all pets and helps in so many ways. Pets have stronger digestive symptoms which flush out toxins which can cause allergic reactions. If your pet has been on antibiotics, using Power Probiotic is very important to repopulate the "good bacteria" that can be eliminated taking the medications. Also, Power Probiotic helps your pet's immune system thereby helping allergy reactions overall.

There are a few other products you can try on for environmental allergies specifically such as Syallgen for Allergies and AllerEaze. Sure hope you can try a few of these products with Ginger as I know they will help her feel better.