Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy July 4th!


Wishing you and your pets a very happy and safe July 4th!

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Keep Pets Inside On July 4th!


July 5th is one of (if not the highest) euthanasia days at the municipal shelters as they become overfilled to capacity on July 4th. Families leave for the evening or (worse! are on vacation) with the dog in the yard without realizing that the noise can become so frightening, that dogs will dig under or jump over fences to flee the scary sounds. If you have a dog you keep outside (even just temporarily when you go out) — please bring them in!!! Make arrangements now— take them to an overnight pet hotel if you are going out to a party or can’t bring them in. Don’t wait to come home to find your dog is gone. Fireworks are terrifying for animals. Please spread the word -- Keep Pets Inside!

Friday, July 1, 2022

4 Tips For The 4th of July

Here are 4 tips to help keep pets safe on July 4th. It’s the absolute WORST day to be an animal. The fireworks terrify them and thousands get lost.


On July 4th,  it is very tempting to want to treat your pet to some of the holiday goodies.  Please be careful!  Foods such as hot dogs, baked beans, rolls and pie can be harmful to pets. It is quite common for emergency animal clinics to be filled with dogs and cats suffering from a severe bout of pancreatitis during the holidays.  


Be sure to keep your pet in a protected area where your pet feels safe!  Many pets experience extreme anxiety from the noise from fireworks.  Please do not leave your pet outdoors.


July 5th is one of (if not the highest) euthanasia days at the municipal shelters as they become filled to over capacity on July 4th.  Families leave for the evening or (worse! on vacation) with the dog in the yard without realizing that the noise can become so frightening, dogs will dig under or jump over fences to flee the scary sounds.  It's hard to ask neighbors to take better care of their pets but for the pet's sake, try to do what you can to help.  Please keep an eye out for strays.

Make sure the phone number is legible and current.
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Pets Are There For Us Through Our Best And Worst Days

As the saying goes: When all else fails, hug your dog or kitty! Our pets are there for us through thick and thin—on our best days and on our worst days. Pictured is our 14 year old dog Legend visiting his kitty friend who lives down the street.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Hot Pavement Warning!

There are record heat waves across the country. I just saw someone running with a white shepherd in 88 degree weather. 😢 Try to walk dogs in the early morning and evening. It’s just too hot for them right now to walk during the day! Summer weather also brings hot pavements too. Many pet owners don’t realize that a pet's paw pads need protection on hot pavements. If the pavement is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paws! Try to avoid the black pavement and stick with grass and sidewalks wherever possible. We also encourage you to look on your favorite pet retailer’s website for shoes or booties for your dog! It takes pups a little while to get used to, but they sure do help

Friday, June 24, 2022

Where To Find Supplements For Dogs With Lyme Disease

Did you find a tick on your dog? We hear so much about the dangers of a tick bite in dogs, but thankfully only a small fraction of ticks actually carry the borrelia bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

Many dogs with Lyme disease do not show any symptoms. However, symptoms may include joint pain, inflammation, fever and lethargy. Canine Lyme disease treatment will include antibiotics from your veterinarian. Using natural supplements in conjunction with treatment from your vet can help to manage the uncomfortable symptoms of Lyme disease.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health tested the effectiveness of plant-based extracts in the treatment of Lyme Disease. Japanese knotweed was one of the top two most effective in killing off Lyme bacteria. Ask Ariel's Resveratrol For Dogs is made with Trans-Resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed, an antioxidant with anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective properties. Resveratrol for Dogs can increase circulation, especially to the heart and joints, making Lyme Disease treatment more effective as blood flows into areas where the bacteria can hide. Ask Ariel’s Resveratrol can help alleviate the systemic, chronic inflammation associated with Lyme disease in dogs. To learn more about holistic treatments for Lyme disease please click here.
Wednesday, June 22, 2022

How To Help Your Dog's Cushing's Disease

 Ask Ariel’s holistic approach to treating Canine Cushing's Disease is a comprehensive. Along with diet changes, it’s important to use 3 types of supplements to properly affect hormone levels and support your dog’s overall wellness. Here is a summary:

1. Phosphatidylserine - AskAriel’s Canine Cushing's Support helps reduce cortisol levels.

2. Liver support supplements. Chronically increased cortisol can lead to elevated liver enzymes or liver disease. Ask Ariel's K9 Liver Support Kit can help to reduce elevated liver enzymes

3. Lignans & Melatonin - Melatonin and lignans inhibit enzymes that are used in cortisol production. Research studies conducted at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville (UTK) concluded that melatonin can help reduce excessive cortisol levels. Lignans have also been studied for their role in blocking enzymes needed for cortisol production.

Many dogs with Cushing's disease have mild symptoms which can be successfully managed without medication. To learn more please click here