Monday, June 1, 2020

Senior Kitty Saved with Natural Supplements

" looks like your probiotics, are working! My Buddy was, at deaths doorstep. He was miserable. His left eye was swollen shut, because his absessed k9 tooth. The  pus pocket from his tooth burst into his eye. I was so sad for Buddy. I didn't know if i should put him to sleep, and get some "Much Needed Rest", before going over Rainbow Bridge...or to fight for him. I decided to pray, a lot...and fight, using your Power Probiotic. I noticed right away that he was starting to feel better, right after his first dose, but now, his eye has opened back up again, and the pus is subsiding. I'm so happy with the results of NotaSAN, Power Probiotics, Silver Immune support, and Immune Harmony for pets and of course Buddy's Will To Survive... He is ever a Tough Cat! I'd recommend these even to the toughest critics out there. Skipping the doses is not an option, and is easy to administer! I just simply, pull open the capsules and sprinkle on Buddy's canned cat food, or make a soup, with the same food! Thanks to your recommendation! And Thank You for caring, Laura, Megan, and Ask Arial. You make me so happy!  Buddy I believe, is going to not only make it, but Thrive, and Frolic, like a Friskie Cat Should!! Age 15+. Wow!!!"

R. Birnel-  Washington

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day - Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

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                       Happy Memorial Day! Honoring those who served our country to keep us safe.  
Sunday, May 24, 2020

Natural Remedies For Cat Dandruff

Do you see little white flakes on your cat's fur? Common reasons cats get dandruff: parasites, poor quality diet, lack of omega 3 fatty acids, infections, dry skin, excess heat and allergies. Cats are carnivores and need a high moisture, prey diet with natural omega oils. Many cat foods are lacking these nutrients. Ask Ariel's Amazing Omegas, Power Probiotic, Proaller and NotaSAN are helpful for kitties with skin issues and allergies. 

Telly's Acid Reflux Improves with Digestive Enzymes


"Telly was diagnosed with reflux after many horrible months of not knowing what was happening with her. I heard about Ask Ariel products on a reflux page on Facebook. We are so thankful we did. We use Soothing Digestive Relief and their K9 Digestive Enzymes and they have made such a difference for her!! I have added a few other of their products to her regimen and see a huge difference!"

Jill, Maryland 2020

Monday, May 11, 2020

Is Bioflim In Your Pet's Bowl?

Do you know what may be lurking in your pet’s water bowl? It is so easy to get busy and just refill your pet’s water dish without cleaning it. Ever notice how the surface can feel slimy? Water dishes can become a breeding ground for bacterial biofilm that can get into your pet’s immune system contributing to microbial infections such as UTIs. Just a friendly PSA reminding you to please give your pet’s water bowl and food dish a hot water soapy wash. Taking just a few minutes a day to keep your pet’s dishes clean will help keep them happy and healthy.
Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!

Today honors all of the wonderful pet and human Moms for all of the caring, loving and thoughtful things you do. Happy Mother’s Day with love ❤️
Friday, May 8, 2020

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month - How To Help Your Pet With Allergies

Asthma and seasonal allergy symptoms often flare in spring when flowers bloom and pollen blows. May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. Pets experience allergies, but their symptoms are different than people's. In cats and dogs, common allergy symptoms are scratching, licking, chewing, skin irritation hair loss. Ask Ariel's AllerEaze contains quercetin and nettles - natural antihistamine ingredients scientifically proven to reduce allergy symptoms. Give your pets fast relief from seasonal allergies!

If your pet is scratching, itching and miserable with allergy symptoms, click here to learn more.