Thursday, December 5, 2019

Can Dogs Have Green Beans?

Green beans provide nutrition for dogs and can help them lose weight. Chopped, steamed or raw - they are all safe for dogs to eat. Many veterinarians recommend them as a healthy, low calorie treat because they provide vitamins and fiber. Mixing green beans into your dog’s meals can help them feel full. If your dog is overweight or a fast gobbler, try replacing part of their food with green beans. Small diet modifications combined with extra walks or play time, can help your dog stay healthy and active.

Pumpkin For Pets Helps With Digestive Problems

Pumpkin is a miracle food that offers many benefits for cats and dogs with digestive problems. Pumpkin is high in fiber and helps to regulate the natural wave action in your pet’s GI tract. Pumpkin can help cats and dogs with both constipation and diarrhea. The high fiber content adds bulk to the diet, helping your pet feel full and lose weight. Pumpkin is a nutrient powerhouse containing Vitamins A, C and E that you can mix directly into your pet’s food. If your pet has diarrhea or other digestive problems, please click here to learn more.
Monday, December 2, 2019

AskAriel's GivingTuesday Fundraiser for Husky Haven of LA Inc.

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Want to join me in supporting a good cause? Please join us in supporting this very worthy charity that really needs your help.   Link To Donate 

3 Reasons We're Supporting Husky Haven of Los Angeles On #GivingTuesday

1) Husky Haven of Los Angeles is the REAL DEAL. Whenever we make donations whether it is to someone standing on the street corner or our favorite charity, is this money going to go toward what they say it does? Is our $5 or $500 going to help the cause it claims. We know Husky Haven of Los Angeles and can tell you this is an honestly run non-profit that puts every penny raised toward saving the lives of homeless shelter dogs. We have seen what this organization is all about, been to their facility, adopted and fostered dogs for Husky Haven and seen the enormous vet bills. It costs a lot of money to pull a dog from the shelter or take in an abused and neglected dog. These animals need immediate veterinary care, food and ongoing care. There are no "administration fees" which often take 10 -20% of an organization's charitable donations. That is because Husky Haven is an all volunteer organization and 100% of your donations goes to save lives. Husky Haven receives A ratings every year when their facility is inspected by Animal Control.

2) Husky Haven of Los Angeles is ALL HEART. We have seen Rhonda Hallden in action with our own eyes. This year, she received a call from a pet owner who wanted to relinquish his "pets" that supposedly he was taking care of. The dogs were nearly starved, living in filth, covered with fleas and badly in need of care. There were other breeds at the home and Husky Haven made sure that all of the dogs were rescued--not just the huskies. Husky Haven doesn't just save the puppies and the easy to place dogs. They save the sick ones, the injured, the dying.

3) Husky Haven Has Been Around For A LONG Time. Many charities come and go with the best of intentions. Husky Haven has been saving the lives of homeless dogs since 1982. You can read their story here.

Please open your hearts and give Husky Haven a donation of any amount. Every penny will be put to good use and will help save a dog from being euthanized at the shelters.  Here is the link to make a donation of any amount. 
Monday, November 25, 2019

Peanut Butter Alternatives For Your Pet

Creamy or crunchy? We love peanut butter on an apple or in a PB and J sandwich, but it might not be the best treat for your dog.

Here's why: 

1.  Peanut butter is high in fat and calories which can lead to weight gain or a pancreatitis attack.
2.  It's high in sugar that feeds yeast overgrowth and bacterial infections.
3.  Some brands contain xylitol, a natural sweetener that is highly toxic to dogs. 

Peanut butter is commonly used to hide a pill. Instead, try making a canned food "meatball" for hiding pills. Visit for more pet nutrition tips to keep your cat or dog healthy and happy!
Sunday, November 24, 2019

Dog Dementia Brain Supplement Helps Senior Poodle

Did you know that there are natural dog brain supplements that can help with dementia and cognitive decline in dogs? Butters the poodle started on Dog Brain Booster about a month ago and here is what his mom has to say, " He is so much better!! He is sleeping until 5 or 6 in the morning, he seems more at ease and he is initiating play with his sister! They are both 13 going on 14 and doing so well. the Brain Booster pills have improved his spirit so much. We will continue to take these!"  Try Ask Ariel's Dog Brain Booster!

Brain booster
About Dog Brain Booster 

Dog Brain Booster is a dog dementia brain supplement that contains natural ingredients clinically proven to support and nurture brain health.  These nutrients provide food and nutrition for your dog's brain. Dog Brain Booster has been used successfully with  both small and big dogs.  Dog Brain Booster can be energizing so it is given in the morning.  It helps bring nutrients to the brain which can improve dementia symptoms.  Dogs can get Sundowner's syndrome which causes them to be up at night, anxious and pacing.  Dog Brain Booster, combined with our Hemp Extract can relieve symptoms of Sundowner's.   

Friday, November 22, 2019

Why Do Cats Have Tails?

The tail is why a cat always lands on their feet. It acts as a counterbalance and helps when they are walking on narrow surfaces, such as a fence or shelf. The tail also helps them balance when running and jumping. Cats' tails are actually extensions of their spines. An injury to the tail can cause damage to the bladder, intestines and can affect bowel control. Help keep your kitty's spine flexible with Ask Ariel's Ultra-Flex Collagen - a natural food supplement to support joints and connective tissue.
Monday, November 18, 2019

November Is Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Love Is Ageless | November Is Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Older pets are often overlooked in shelters. The truth is that they are hidden gems! Remember Annie who was a finalist in the Halloween Toy Contest?  You can learn more about her story here  Senior pets already have life experience & maturity, making their transition to a home easier. Senior pets are usually house trained & low maintenance. With a senior, what you see it what you get! Their personality & size are already established, so there are no surprises. The best part is that seniors seem to realize that they have been given a second chance and are loyal & grateful. Save a life and find a perfect pet by visiting