Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Cat Pancreatitis Supplement Helped Jake Overcome Pancreatitis

"I have attached a picture of Jake and his brother Oliver. In the picture Jake is on the right and Oliver is on the left. Over a year and half ago, Jake became extremely sick, with not eating and constantly vomiting. He was put into the Hospital for 4 days and they diagnosed him with Pancreatitis.  

He was sent home with me administering fluids and was not eating and was also sick from the medication. What the Vet prescribed was not working and the Vet's prognosis was not positive... I decided to check out Ask Ariel products and came across Lypozyme (a cat pancreatitis supplement).  

I stopped all fluids and all medication and started him slowly on adding Lypozyme into his food, as I was hand feeding him.  Little by little he started eating.  I started giving it to him in his food, he did not even notice as Lypozyme is flavorless.... and year and half later....Jake has not vomited or has had any stomach issues...and has been eating all of his food on a daily basis.

Lypozyme saved Jake's life and saved me a tremendous amount of money on Vet bills. Jake will get Lypozyme in his food for the rest of his life.  The reason I added Oliver, is I have started to give Oliver too. Thank you Ask Ariel for making such a great product.  

Jake and Oliver are both very happy and want to thank Ask Ariel for taking care of them, and allowing them to live a happy life."

Gary, Florida

Note:  Lypozyme is an easy to use supplement that contains digestive enzymes for cat pancreatitis. 
Monday, January 6, 2020

Supplements For Kidney Disease In Senior Cats

 kidney disease in cats

Reduced kidney function and CRF are common in older cats. Early signs like decreased appetite, weight loss, increased water drinking and urinating can be subtle and appear slowly over time. Most cats are not diagnosed with kidney disease until 2/3 of their kidney function has been lost. Feeding a low phosphorous diet, administering Sub Q fluids, using a phosphorous binder and kidney supplements can improve your cat's quality of life. Click here to learn more about holistic kidney disease treatments for cats.

There Is Help For Doggie Dementia

Dog Dementia

 Watch For Signs ODoggie Dementia  As They May Be Subtle

It’s hard to watch our beloved pets age. You can help keep them stay agile an alert. Dogs can experience cognitive decline such as confusion, anxiety and restlessness. To help your dog stay sharp: maintain regular exercise, feed a healthy diet with vegetables and antioxidants, provide mental stimulation and use Ask Ariel’s Dog Brain Booster. All natural Dog Brain Booster is made with beneficial brain nutrients: Phosphatidyl Serine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. Research shows they enhance memory and slow cognitive decline

Natural Remedy for Canine Viral Warts

Can puppies get warts? Are they contagious? If your puppy has a bump on his lips, gums or mouth, it might be an oral papilloma or viral warts. They are contagious from dog to dog (not dog to human) by dogs greeting each other, sharing toys, or eating/drinking from the same bowl. Due to immature immune systems, oral papillomas usually affect dogs under 2. Clients have successfully used Ask Ariel's QuentaSAN drops and capsules to fight off viral infections and strengthen their pet’s systems for over 15 years.
Friday, January 3, 2020

Plant Sterols Are A Natural Treatment For Dog And Cat Autoimmune Disease

Immune Harmony is a unique immune balancing supplement for pets that contains plant sterols. Scientific studies have found the plant sterols in Immune Harmony to have an immunomodulatory and anti-cancer effect. They help to balance immune function by supporting a weak immune system (pets with chronic viruses and infections or cancer), as well as an overactive immune system (autoimmune diseases such as stomatitis). Ask Ariel's Immune Harmony for Pets is a blend of plant sterols and antioxidants. If your pet is suffering from chronic infections, cancer or an autoimmune condition, Immune Harmony should be a core component of your pet’s health regimen. Well tolerated by cats and dogs. Please click here to learn more.

Cat With Mast Cell Tumor Going Strong With Natural Supplements


“Ask Ariel has been an absolute life saver for my sweet cat, Puma.  I’m so blessed to have found this awesome company online during a desperate search for quality holistic supplements for pets.  During the past two years, Puma has been plagued with various health issues (immune system disease, bladder issues, asthma, and a malignant mast cell tumor in her small intestine that has metastasized into her lymph nodes.  I purchased your following products and use them on an alternating basis: Silver Immune Support, Immune Harmony, Power Probiotic, Immune Support Kit, Purrfect Pet CoQ10, AllerEaze, and Organic Hemp Extract.  The supplements have significantly alleviated Puma’s illnesses.  Besides my present cat, over the years I’ve had three others that have passed on as well as two beloved dogs.  I often wonder if I had known about your company’s products when they were living, if they’d still be here today.  I LOVE your products and their effectiveness and recommend them to everyone with ailing pets.  Lastly but certainly not least, your customer service is extremely helpful, caring, personable, and top notch.”

~Carol D.
Xenia, Ohio
Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 Pet New Year's Resolutions

Have you made your 2020 New Year's resolutions? Here are a few simple resolutions for your pet's good health. Are you feeding your pets the right food? Is your pet maintaining a healthy weight? Has your pet had a recent vet checkup and dental exam? Is your pet active enough? Set a goal to make 2020 the best year yet! Schedule exercise together, make some diet changes and add Ask Ariel’s holistic pet supplements to your cat or dog’s daily regimen. Keep your pet going strong in this new decade!