Saturday, September 21, 2019

Man Saved From Shark Attack By Family Dog


As reported by People Magazine

It was a warm summer day when James White, of Rohnert Park, California, was fishing from the shore at Bodega Bay in Sonoma County.   He thought he had hooked a big fish and was trying to pull it in.   He was in shallow water and realized what was tugging on the line was  a 6-foot long sevengill shark. White attempted to remove the hook and free the shark, but the shark grabbed and bit his leg.  

White yelled out in pain to nearby fisherman for help.  He realized there was blood everywhere and that the first bite had punctured an artery.  That's when Darby, White's loyal dog, jumped out of the car (he managed to get the door open himself!) to save his Dad. Darby is a one year old pitbull who was waiting patiently in the car while Dad went fishing.  Darby tried to get the shark to let go by biting at the shark's gills but that only caused the shark to grip White's ankle harder.  So Darby tried a different way and grabbed the shark by the tail and pulled him off his Dad.  White tossed the shark back in the water when it was safe and the shark swam away.   After the ordeal White said "his love for the pooch got stronger" and now White has quite the "fish tale" to report.  

Photo:  Courtesy of NBC Bay Area
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Our Natural Anti-Histamine For Dogs And Cats Has Many Benefits

AllerEaze is an all-natural pet allergy supplement combining Quercetin and Nettles.  It has many anti-inflammatory and antihistamine benefits for pets.  AllerEaze helps control symptoms of seasonal environmental allergies in your pet  such as itching, scratching and eye tearing.  

AllerEaze is also helpful for cats with stomatitis,  an autoimmune condition where cats develop an allergic reaction to the plaque in their mouth.  This painful disease results in red inflamed gums and mouth ulcers.  Stomatitis is also referred to as "Teeth Plaque Allergy" so feeding cats a hypoallergenic diet along with using  natural antihistamine AllerEaze to control the allergic response can help.  

AllerEaze can help dogs with mast cell tumors because the quercetin suppresses the dog's histamine release.  Many dogs get recurring tumors so using the AllerEaze as a natural antihistamine along with a hypoallergenic diet is helpful.

Is your pet itching, chewing and scratching due to seasonal allergies? Email us at and we will be glad to help!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Probiotics And Colostrum Can Help Pets With Bad Breath

Does your dog or cat have bad breath? Before you give your pet a dental treat, please understand that bad breath is not just a cosmetic issue. It can be a sign of an underlying health concern such as acid stomach, dental infections or poor digestion. All of these issues contribute to plaque, tartar build-up and bad breath. Be sure to bring your pet to the veterinarian for a dental check and revisit your pet’s diet! Power Probiotic and Colostrum For Pets promote a healthy digestive tract which along with feeding a hypoallergenic, fresh diet (raw frozen diets improve digestion!) can make your dog or cat much more kissable! 

Give Your Cat and Dog The Very Best Probiotic

1. Pure, Natural, NO FILLERS!
2. Provides powerful immune support
3. Freshens breath and improves digestion
4. Helps prevent recurrent infections 
5. Controls allergies and tear stains

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Improves Bad Breath And Tear Stains

Bad breath and tear stains are not just cosmetic issues. They can be sign of an underlying health issue such as acid stomach, dental or gum infections, allergies (food and environmental) or poor digestion. Colostrum for Pets helps repopulate good bacteria and supports a healthy mouth and digestive tract. For optimal results, we recommend using this product along with Power Probiotic. While the Colostrum for Pets helps to support an inflamed gastrointestinal tract, Power Probiotic repopulates good bacteria. They can be combined together nicely as they both have a milky taste.

Acid Reflux Natural Remedy Helps Cats And Dogs

"Candy my dog used to suffer from serious acid stomach until I found your products."

"Thank you so much. I want to tell you that if it were not for your products I do not know if my dog (Candy) would still be with us. For 4 months she threw up every night. She would wine and whimper throughout the night because of her acid stomach. I did everything her veterinarian said to due. I gave her Pepcid, changed to Prilosec and nothing worked. And I am well aware of the side effects of antacids long term which really worried me. The same day I started her on the program ( all 3, the Power Probiotics, Soothing Digestive Relief and the Gastro ULC) she stopped getting sick at night, no acid reflux. I have never seen anything like it. I was at my wits end and so worried until I found your products. I just want to say thank you."
Terry L
"Here is a picture of my cat Penelope that is also on the same product for her kidney disease which causes her to  have acid stomach as well. This is working great on her as well. Pepcid did not work on either of them but this stuff does."
Terry L

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Do Pets Need Probiotics With Antibiotics

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Pets are prescribed antibiotics when there is an ongoing infection. Friendly bacteria needed for a healthy immune system are killed off as well as the bad bacteria. This creates the possibility of yeast overgrowth and a recurring infection in pets with a weakened immune system. Power Probiotic replenishes the good bacteria and helps prevent reinfection. If you are giving your pet antibiotics, for overall effectiveness, administer Power Probiotic (or any probiotic) at least two hours after the antibiotic.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Natural Remedies For Cat With FIV Help Keep Stripe Going Strong

"Me and my son Stripe would like to thank Mrs Susan Davis for the diet tips and holistic supplements "You Rock" God bless you for the Love you have for others and their fur babies stay blessed" 

They say cats have 9 lives.....well Stripe sure has had more than that. Stripe has had a hard life but this kitty with FIV and stomatitis has a Dad who loves him.....Many stray animals endure horrible neglect but find someone who cares for them and they rebound. Stripe’s Dad is doing all he can to keep him going with a healthy diet, a few Ask Ariel supplements (QuentaSAN and Power Probiotic) and a whole lot of love. 

More from Stripe's dad:

Stripe is an amazing cat. Ever since a kitten, Stripe had it rough! He nearly died when he was a month old, he was gravely ill out of nowhere. Fast forward a couple of years, I noticed him throwing up and screaming. I took him to the vets and he was diagnosed with stomatitis! Well, I didn't know what stomatitis was, so I researched and got meds. Stripe was still ill, so I took him to the humane society where he was diagnosed with FIV. I freaked out, but nevertheless he's my son, so I thought we have a fight in hand. Stripe and I have been through a lot and I wholeheartedly love him, so I vowed never to give up and then I found Ask Ariel which has been a life saver for my handsome fur baby."
Feline viruses can be discouraging but diet changes and a few anti-viral supplements can be life-changing for a cat with FIV.  To learn more about holistic home remedies for cats with FIV, please click on the link.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Natural Remedies For Upper Respiratory Infections In Cats

Can cats catch a cold? A feline upper respiratory infection (URI) is similar to a common cold in humans. If you kitty is sneezing, has congestion and nasal or eye discharge they may be suffering from an URI. URIs are usually viral and are highly contagious. Unfortunately, antibiotics are not very effective and supporting your cat's immune system is the best course of action. Ask Ariel's Immune Support Kit is a trio of natural supplements designed to support the immune system and to fight viruses and infections.  Holistic treatments for a feline URI can help stop URI symptoms and improve your cat's well being.