Friday, April 9, 2021

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

April 8th has been designated as National Dog Fighting Awareness Day by The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to help educate the public on the prevalence of dog fighting in the United States. Although dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states it still can occur in every part of the country in all types of communities. Dog fighting is a horrendous blood sport that only exist for entertainment and gambling purposes. The dogs are "trained" under cruel and hideous conditions only to be pitted against each other to fight for their own survival. Both dogs will come out of the fight with injures, some dogs will succumb to their injures and others (often the losers) will be discarded or killed when they are no longer useful for fighting. If you suspect dog fighting (or any type of cruelty) in your neighborhood we encourage you to report it. For more information on how to report animal cruelty click here.


Natural Remedy For Anxiety In Cats Really Works!

 With thanks to Julianne for sending in this adorable photo of Buny and sharing his story:

"Our 13 year old cat Buny had been in declining health for the last 2 years. He was biting us, aggressively attacking the other cats, compulsively licking himself, peeing outside of the litter box, barely eating, and sleeping all day and night in the same spot. We ordered Gastro ULC and Happy Paws. After a week, we had our Buny back! He is like a kitten again. He’s SO playful and loving and happy. He’s always hungry, is gaining weight, his trembling is gone and he’s doing “tricks” again. Every day our family talks about how miraculous this has been. Thank you for your natural products THAT ACTUALLY WORK. Our family is beyond grateful, and so is Buny!
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Food Dyes In Pet Treats And Supplements

Red 40, Yellow 5 and Blue 2. Artificial food colorings are approved for use in both human and pet products.  Food dyes make products look more appealing, more like what they are mimicking (e.g. a fake orange carrot treat) But are they good for your pet? No!  Will your pet even notice? No! Food dyes are there to entice you as the pet owner into thinking the treat is more appealing. Don’t be fooled! Cats and dogs care about the taste and texture of their treats—-not the color! Artificial colors have been linked to an increased risk of allergies and cancer—please don’t give them to your pet. Food dyes are also used in pet supplement treats as well.  All-natural supplements from Ask Ariel DO NOT contain any artificial colorings or dyes.

Monday, April 5, 2021

WARNING! Sugar Is Never Good For Your Pet

It’s holiday time and that means more delicious sweets around our homes. Please be sure to keep pesky paws out of reach of candy and desserts—especially chocolate bunnies. But along with human sweets, did you know that many pet treats contain sugar? Warning!! Sugar is NEVER good for our pets and can lead to cancer, obesity, dental problems, ear infections, digestive symptoms, UTIs and diabetes.....just to name a few! Sugar is listed on labels as cane juice, molasses, maple syrup, sucrose, fructose, etc. Along with treats, sugar is also found in many “healthy" chewy vitamin supplements for pets. Manufacturers include sugar to disguise the taste of certain ingredients and to make them tastier for your cat or dog. Sugar can contribute to inflammation and it fuels the growth of yeast and bacteria. At our natural human-grade supplements do not contain any added sugars - just the quality nutrients that your pet needs.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Happy Easter From Your Friends At Ask Ariel


Here is a photo of our rescue dog Legend guarding a beautiful, giant Easter egg!  Just wanted to wish you and your pets a healthy and Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Vicious Cycle Of Antibiotics For Pets

Antibiotics are a pet's first line of defense against infection. Overuse can create a vicious cycle where infections reappear a few days after the medication ends. Long term antibiotic use can weaken your pet's immune system. If your pet is getting repeated infections, take a close look at what’s in your pet’s diet and treats. Your pet’s food may contain allergens, such as poultry or grains. Feeding a low carbohydrate, hypoallergenic diet and giving your pet a few immune support supplements can help reduce the need for antibiotics. Many pet owners ask "can I give my pet probiotics with an antibiotic".  The answer is yes.  in fact, giving probiotics two hours after giving your pet an antibiotic can help replenish your pet's good bacteria which is destroyed by antibiotics and is essential for long term immunity.  To learn more about helping your pet build a healthy immune system, please click here  
Monday, March 22, 2021

What Is Valley Fever & Is Your Dog At Risk?


May be an image of dog

Valley Fever is becoming more common in dogs in certain parts of the country. Valley Fever is caused by the fungus coccidioidomycosis that lives in the desert soil in the Southwestern US. The spores grow well in hot, dry climates like AZ, CA, New Mexico and Southwestern Texas. The fungus lays dormant in soil, but dust created by digging or sniffing in the dirt can release the spores. Symptoms are a harsh dry cough, fever and lethargy. Valley Fever can affect your dog’s bones and joints, causing severe pain. Natural immune support and antifungal remedies like K9 Yeast Defense and Power Probiotic are helpful. Amazing Omegas and Curcumin For Pets can help reduce inflammation. If your pet has been diagnosed with Valley Fever, Ask Ariel has the best supplements to help your pet feel better!

Protect Your Dog From 

Valley Fever 

Valley Fever in Dogs - Anasazi Animal Clinic

If you live in the Southwestern United States where Valley Fever is most prevalent, you may not be able to protect your pet completely. Taking precautions by reducing their exposure to soils and airborne dust can be an important step. 

Ways to protect your dog:

  • Avoid activities that generate dust
  • Stop your dog from digging
  • Prevent sniffing in rodent holes
  • Cover the yard with grass or gravel
  • Walk your dog on paved paths vs. trails

If your dog is not feeling well and showing any signs of Valley Fever, seek veterinary attention early as it will help your dog's prognosis.

New K9 Yeast New Power Probiotic

K9 Yeast Defense + Power Probiotic
Package Price: $58.75

We want your pet to get the best results, which is why we offer the K9 Yeast Defense + Power Probiotic at a discounted package price. The $58.75 package price is a $12 savings off of the $70.75 regular retail price.


K9 Yeast Defense - Many dogs are constantly itching and licking due to an underlying yeast infection. If your dog has had ear infections, smelly odor on your dog's skin or paws or is licking at the groin area, use K9 Yeast Defense along with Power Probiotic. How it works: K9 Yeast Defense contains natural anti-fungal ingredients such as caprylic acid, Pau d'arco and oregano that kill off yeast and help rebalance the intestinal tract.  Excellent for pets that have had worms, giardia or parasites.


Power Probiotic -The best probiotic for pets! Power Probiotic supports good digestion, helps fight infection and enhances overall immunity.  Pure, safe and no fillers.  A healthy GI tract (proper balance of good and bad bacteria) enables more effective absorption of  vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which gives your pet a healthier skin and coat. Power Probiotic balances yeast and bad bacteria.  It's very important  to use if your pet has taken antibiotics or steroids as these medications kill off the friendly bacteria.