Sunday, June 17, 2018

Organic Doesn't Always Mean It's The Best Food for Your Dog or Cat

Many pet owners believe that if the label says organic than the quality of the pet food must be the best.  While organic fruits and vegetables have an advantage in that they don’t have chemical toxins and can have more nutrients, a label of “organic” in and of itself doesn’t mean the diet is right for your pet.    There are plenty of organic ingredients that can cause problems for pets.  Grains such as organic oats and meat protein substitutes such as organic soybean meal are not the same as feeding your pet a raw frozen diet (even if the vegetables are not organic).

High carbohydrate organic diets containing ingredients such as organic brown rice, organic barley and organic quinoa are still going to have the same pro-inflammatory and/or allergic effect as their non-organic counterparts.  For example if your dog is getting chronic ear infections and you are feeding dry kibble with organic rice and quinoa, those grains are still going to spike your dog’s glucose (making them hungrier faster) and may contribute to yeast, scratching and itching whether they are organic or not.  Remember cats are carnivores and most dogs (unless they require carbs due to kidney or liver disease) fare best on a low carbohydrate diet.  When choosing a pet food, look for ingredients such as meat, fish or poultry, fish oil and fresh vegetables.  Scrap the organic starchy carbohydrates for a healthier, low carbohydrate diet.
Wednesday, June 13, 2018

NEW! Canine Cloud Helps Your Pet Get a Great Night's Sleep

Can be used as a lounger or bed to provide a comfortable spot for your pets to rest.

Dedicated pet owners and friends of Ask Ariel have launched The Canine Cloud, a premium lounger/bed manufactured here in the United States. Most of us have witnessed our pups pawing at their beds or blankets trying to get it "just right", but unfortunately many beds on the market make it impossible. The Canine Cloud is slightly under stuffed with a unique blend of soft, high-quality fiberfill so that pets can redistribute it to find their perfect comfort level allowing them to have a better night sleep. For more on The Canine Cloud story and/or to purchase Click Here .

Bonus 10% of gross profits for the months of June and July will be donated to the Hand in Paw rescue mission.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Yorkie With Collapsed Trachea Stops Coughing Using Natural Remedies


"My Brody is doing wonderful with no trachea cough/gagging since I started him on your supplements!  My Brody Bear is one happy boy!!

My friend has a rescue (in Florida) and she was contacted when a good Samaritan found him (Brody) thrown away in a dumpster…Brody is such a special little love that was so neglected, but Brody was lucky enough to have a second chance at Life, Love and Happiness! I'm trying to do everything possible to keep Brody healthy for many years to come!”    Tammi O - Florida

Supplements that helped Brody with Collapsed Trachea

Amazing Omegas – Purest therapeutic fish oil available. It contains omega-3s in their natural state packed in glass bottles (instead of plastic that can leach toxins into the oil). These powerful omegas reduce inflammation, reduce allergy symptoms and strengthen the trachea, joints, and ligaments. 

Ultra-Flex Collagen for Pets
 – The hallmark product for tracheal collapse in dogs. This food-based product strengthens trachea cartilage, helping to reduce coughing and gagging. Works best when used in conjunction with Amazing Omegas and Power Probiotic. Amazing Omegas reduces inflammation while the Power Probiotic improves digestion and immunity (which indirectly affects heart function too!). The three formulas work together to strengthen the trachea, reduce the progression of the disease and improve symptoms.

Purrfect Pet CoQ10 – Certain breeds such as Pomeranians are especially prone to heart disease. Moreover, many pets with collapsed trachea develop an enlarged heart due to the stress on the pet as it tries to breathe. Using Purrfect Pet CoQ10 (along with Amazing Omegas) helps maintain healthy heart function and respiration. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Natural Remedies Help Rescued Cat With Pillow Paw And Swollen Bloody Foot

"Kiyoshi was rescued March 2017, during the only snowfall, from my back yard. He was limping with a bloody foot. We caught him without much effort and took him to my vet. He was 8 months to one year old, having worms, ear mites, and possibly 'pillow foot'. He had to be quarantined from my other rescued kitty, Lily, until cleared.

I then started both cats with Ask Ariel's supplements: the Power Probiotics, NotaSAN, QuentaSAN, ProAller, Soothing Digestive and later tried Amazing Omegas and AllerEaze. It wasn't very long before Kiyoshi's paws healed and paw swelling completely reduced. ( Quickly enough for the vet to say that it possibly was allergies vs. autoimmunity. ) Lily benefited from the probiotics and digestives reducing stomach sensitivity. 

Kiyoshi is a sweet, gentle boy with a sensitive nature. All he wants is to be cuddled and loved. It amazes me how quickly he adjusted from the feral life to the laze about, fat boy style. You can see how safe and relaxed he is in this photo."  Jaymie M., Maryland

Friday, June 1, 2018

Digestive Enzymes Help Bloody Poop, Indigestion And Gas In Rescued Husky

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"My beautiful Lobella was a rescue from Husky Haven of LA; they saved her from a high kill shelter on her last day...We were happy to hear about Ask Ariel products through HHLA. Lobella's digestion has been thriving thanks to K9 Digestive Enzymes and Power Probiotics. We had a scare with a pre-cancerous polyp, but since that has been removed, plus changed her food, and added the supplements – her digestion has been amazing! No more gas, or bloody or messy poop. Might be TMI, but I don't think she'll mind us sharing that she feels great" Melinda M - Los Angeles, CA.

Power Probiotic - The best probiotic for pets! Backed by scientific research, this powerful multi-strain formula promotes the growth of friendly bacteria which helps replenish a healthy intestinal ecosystem. Helpful for any pet with digestive discomfort and most pets love the taste too!

K9 Digestive Enzymes- This powerful digestive enzyme is more complex than typical pet enzymes and helps pets digest protein and fats.  Contains HCL and pancreatin--two animal-based nutrients that help ensure proper digestion of protein and reduction in symptoms related to poor digestion.  Poor digestion of protein and fats can result in pain, malabsorption, loose stool and lack of absorption of important vitamins and minerals.
K9 Digestive Enzymes is a very effective digestive enzyme for pets with malabsorption, indigestion, gas, belching, bloody stools, kidney disease and elevated liver enzymes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Wheaten Terrier's Stomach Aches Helped with Power Probiotic

"This is my Wheaten Terrier Murphy. He is 14 years old and was really struggling with stomach issues. We tried Power Probiotic  for pets and what a difference!!! He is like a young man again"  

Lynette, Los Angeles

Power Probiotic The best probiotic for pets!  Backed by scientific research, this powerful multi-strain formula promotes the growth of friendly bacteria which helps replenish a healthy intestinal ecosystem. Helpful for any pet with digestive discomfort and most pets love the taste too! For more information on a healthy digestive tract visit

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Food Allergies and Intolerances Can Weaken Immunity In Pets

Many pets have food sensitivities and allergies and owners may not know. In some cases, a pet may have overt signs such as vomiting or digestive problems but most of the time, the signs may seem unrelated. For example, skin problems such as scratching and itching, chewing, licking and hair loss (once fleas and mites are ruled out) are often due to food allergies. Other examples: chronic UTIs, upper respiratory infections, asthma and even seizures can be triggered by food allergies. If your pet is getting one infection after another or has health concerns that come and go, take a look at your pet’s diet. Just as you are what you eat, the same applies to your pet