Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Natural Pain Relief For Pets: Curcumin Improves Mobility in Dogs and Cats

Ask Ariel's Curcumin Complex For Pets helps relieve pain and improve flexibility and mobility in cats and dogs. It's powerful anti-inflammatory effects are backed by scientific research. Excellent value - Save 10 percent now! To learn more, please click the link 

Monday, July 17, 2017

What To Feed Your Cat

Cats are carnivores yet many pet owners continue to feed them foods which have very little nutritional value and often contribute to their health issues. All dry kibble is made with carbohydrates which break down into sugar, weakening a cat's immunity. Can you imagine,  for example, a lion preferring a box of cereal over raw meat? Most cat treats have sugars and carbs added in when what cats really crave is simple proteins made from real food.

Next time you visit the pet store, please take a look at your cat's food label. Look for meat, poultry and fish and avoid the carbohydrates. Raw frozen diets, freeze dried diets (if your kitty won't eat raw) and some premium canned are your best options.

Natural Remedies for Mast Cell Tumors Help Rescued Pit Bull

"We rescued Luna, a mini pitty, from the streets of Brooklyn in September 2013. She was approximately three years old and Luna actually ran into my arms. It was obvious she had been out on the street for a while. Our house sits on Brooklyn’s Highland Park on a dead-end and cruel people abandon their animals here all the time. Over the 10 years of living here, we have grown a network of caring animal rescue organizations and people who are always ready to respond when a critter is left on our stoop or tied to a tree in the park.

Luna was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor in July 2015, and surgery was done in early August 2015. I reached out to Ask Ariel for recommended supplements, and Luna was placed on several at the time, but is now down to just two- Immune Harmony and the Resveratrol for Dogs. Thank God, she has been healthy with no recurrence.

Luna now lives a happy life with her stepsisters Sadie, and Kat, as well as stepbrothers, Wayne, and Cisco. We even recently rescued 2 chickens from the parkway who live harmoniously with all the other critters and give us our daily eggs!

As our pack grew, my spouse was moved to get certified and become a professional dog trainer. He founded Brooklyn's Finest Dog Training in 2014. Because of our up close and personal experience he has chosen to specialize in rescued dogs, especially those with issues."

Laura L.- New York 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Elderly Chesapeake Retriever Mo Returns Home after Surviving 9 Months in the Idaho Wilderness

Darwin and Cindy Cameron were on a hunting trip in September when their dog Mo, a 13 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, managed to get loose and disappear. They searched for four weeks day and night to no avail.
Their posting on Facebook yielded some sightings, but Mo, being a bit skittish could never be caught.  As the fall turned to winter the Cameron’s hopes began to fade.  They never stopped thinking about Mo and trying to find her.

In the middle of June 2017, a rancher found a dog that collapsed on his ranch.  The dog was flea invested and skin and bones.  He dropped her off at the Chesapeake Rescue.  Luckily, Cheri Glankler with the Rescue remembered the story of Mo and contacted the Camerons to be reunited. After being lost for 288 days in the Idaho wilderness, Mo was finally home.

For the complete story: http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/article160290474.html

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Natural Remedy For Feline Upper Respiratory Infections (URIs)

Upper respiratory infections are a common occurrence in cats and kittens. Often there is an underlying viral component making them hard to resolve. Symptoms include nasal discharge, sneezing, congestion, fever, squinting or rubbing of the eyes and lack of appetite. Upper respiratory infections can recur and can become a chronic problem. They are most common in multicat households, shelters and in cats that have herpes virus or calcivirus. The Immune Support Kit contains three liquid, tasteless formulas that you can give your kitty to support long term immunity. These formulas fight viruses and bacteria. Please click here to learn more about the Asthma and Immune Support Kit:

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Grain-Free Pet Food Doesn't Always Mean Healthy

Even "grain-free" foods contain many ingredients such as beet pulp, pea starch, salt, Yeast and "dried egg product". Many big name manufacturers such as Purina, Mars and Nestle are joining the grain-free market (certainly an improvement from the corn, rice and wheat-filled pet foods) but these are not on par with the nutrition provided by a raw frozen or freeze dried diet. Please don't be fooled! If you include your pet's diet and information on the AskAriel.com order form, we will include a diet suggestion for your specific pet's needs on the packing slip that comes with your order. 

How Can A Holistic Vet Help My Pet?

Many pet owners have heard about holistic veterinary care but are not sure about how it could help their pet. Holistic treatments are not just the latest fad in caring for a pet. It is a science-based approach used in conjunction with conventional veterinary treatments. There is no doubt that feeding a pet REAL nutrition, giving them vitamins & antioxidants along with plenty of exercise can be life changing. Holistic care gives you more options to keep your pet happy and healthy by addressing your pet's health as a WHOLE looking at diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements and using alternative modalities such as acupuncture and chiropractic. To find a holistic vet in your area, the @ahvma American Holistic Veterinary Association ahvma.org has a helpful vet directory.