Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Tear Stains in Dogs

Many light-colored dogs develop tear stains under the eye. Breeds such as Maltese, Poodles and Chihuahuas may have their beautiful faces discolored with unsightly dark stains below the eyes. Even large pets such as yellow Labradors may have dark brown stains under the eyes. Tear stains are not just cosmetic and may be a health concern that you need to address.

First, be sure to check with your veterinarian! Some dogs have a genetic predisposition and could be born with an abnormality in tear ducts or have developed blocked tear ducts. Sometimes a dog could have an eye infection unbeknownst to you.  Be sure there isn't some type of structural defect, infection or inflammation. If your veterinarian rules out these conditions, then the next step is to address the problem from a natural standpoint:  change to a hypoallergenic, low carb diet and add a few supplements to enhance your pet's skin and coat and eliminate the unsightly tear stains.

Many times pets have excessive tear staining due to allergies (food & environmental) or a yeast overgrowth. Usually tear stains are not the only sign.  Pet with tear stains may have other conditions such as: bad breath, gas, tummy gurgling, loose stools, vomiting and other skin issues (itchy, coat issues, hotspots...). These are all signs of poor digestion and a problem with the pet's food. Using Power Probiotic for Pets and Soothing Digestives for Pets can help with digestive issues. However, a diet change is often necessary.

The best natural remedies for tear stain elimination are:
Power Probiotic for Pets- The best probiotic for pets!  Backed by scientific research, this powerful multi-strain formula promotes the growth of "friendly" bacteria which are essential to a healthy immune system.  Most pets love the taste too! 

Silver Immune for Pets- The Germinator!  Silver Immune is an all-natural, easy to use remedy that has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-infection properties.  Can use topically to help clean the skin.
NotaSans  - Natural homeopathic formula that fights infection, doggie odor and ear infections.   Gentle, easy to administer and safe for long-term use.

K-9 Yeast Defense - When pets take antibiotics or steroids, it kills off the friendly bacteria as well as the bad bacteria.  This creates an environment for yeast to overgrow.  Brown tear stains that have an odor are often a sign of yeast.  To help fight yeast, it's important to feed a low carbohydrate, hypoallergenic diet and use K9 Yeast Defense.  K9 Yeast Defense contains natural anti-fungal ingredients such as caprylic acid, Pau d'arco and oregano that kill off yeast and help rebalance the intestinal tract.  Using the K9 Yeast Defense along with the Power Probiotic kills off the yeast overgrowth while the Power Probiotic replenishes with healthy, friendly bacteria.

Since diet is a such a key component with tear stains, please be sure to include your pet's current diet on the AskAriel.com order form at checkout.  Our nutritionist will include a diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with your product directions.

Bird Watching Is Great For Your Cat's Health

It might seem like an idyllic life for your indoor cat to lounge all day, but cats can get bored too.  One way to break up the day and offer your kitties hours of entertainment  is to place a bird feeder strategically outside a window. Instantly you have provided them with a cat T.V. where they can watch birds (and squirrels) come and go. Just make sure you pick a window that has a good viewing ledge to enjoy the view.    Keeping your cat engaged and alert supports their brain and overall health.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Enjoy The Last Week of Summer

There is one last week of summer.  Hope you and your pets have a wonderful week and enjoy the outdoors!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Natural Remedies For Demodex Mange

mange 3

Demodectic Mange, also known as "demodex" is a parasitic skin disease caused by microscopic mites.  All dogs have a few of these mites on their skin.  However, when dogs have a compromised or immature immune system, the mites can take over and increase more rapidly.  Demodectic mange is most commonly found in young pups under two years of age, but adult dogs (especially those that have been through physical or emotional stress) can develop it too.  

Demodectic mange can be itchy but characteristically causes patches of hair loss first starting on the head and then in more aggressive cases, throughout the body. Treatment for mange can involve topical medication, shampoos, dips, oral medication and antibiotics in the case of secondary infections. While the mange may clear up and respond to the treatment, pet owners should be proactive about taking steps to support their pet's immune system as  the pet may continue to have flareups or other immune-related health conditions long-term.  

Holistic care is a crucial part of treating Demodectic mange for the long term health of your pet.  Feeding a hypoallegenic, anti-inflammatory diet along with a few supplements can help the pet get back on track and reduce the likelihood of a flare up. 

Supplements helpful for Demodectic Mange include:
  • Amazing Omegas - Absolutely the best fish oil available for pets.  Packed in glass bottles to prevent leakage of toxins from plastic into the oil.  Purified for heavy metals and toxins.  Manufactured gently so that oils are in bioavailable form, increasing absorption.  Amazing Omegas gives cats and dogs a beautiful lustrous coat and helps promote hair regrowth.
  • Power Probiotic - Power Probiotic is the best probiotic for pets!  Backed by scientific research, this powerful, multi-strain formula promotes the growth of  good, friendly bacteria which boosts your pet's immune system.  Because it fights infection and yeast, Power Probiotic is essential if your pet has taken antibiotics.  Pure and natural, Power Probiotic does not contain any fillers.  It is especially helpful for pets with digestive problems, urinary tract infections, autoimmune disease, skin problems, yeast and allergies.  Many pets love the taste of the Power Probiotic!
  • Immune Harmony - Immune Harmony contains a unique patented sterol formula for immune support, a powerful antioxidant formula which protects the body from free radical damage and an essential fatty acid complex to help with bioavailability of the nutrients.  Immune Harmony helps to rebalance the immune system and can be used with prednisone and/or antibiotics.  This formula is helpful for autoimmune conditions and pets with long-term immune system issues such as demodectic mange and cancer.
  • NotaSAN drops and capsules - our most popular infection fighter.  This product is safe for long-term use to keep infections under control and boost immune function.  Gentle and easy to administer.
  • Silver Immune - The Germinator! This easy-to-use gentle formula is a powerful infection fighter and can be used orally and topically.  
    Just watch as this miracle formula helps to heal the skin.
Feeding a raw food diet can also be beneficial as the fresh nutrients provide enzymes, antioxidants and highly digestible food that support a healthy immune system.

Talking To Your Pet Provides Comfort and Emotional Support

Have you ever had a day when it seems like no one is listening to you? Luckily, if you are a pet owner, you know you have someone at home that will! Researchers at Northwestern University* reported that pet owners (that talk to their pet) find their pets offer emotional support, are thoughtful, and sympathetic, but it may not just be our words. Pets are very intuitive and it may be our non-verbal expressions eliciting a response. So for your own mental health, keep on talking and don’t feel silly. The study also found that those that talked to their pets had above-average intelligence.

Have a question about your cat or dog?  Please email us at support@askariel.com and we respond promptly.  Ask Ariel offers all natural supplements and pet nutrition advice to keep your pet happy and healthy!
*Epley, N., Waytz, A., Akalis, S., & Cacioppo, J. T. (2008). When we need a human: Motivational determinants of anthropomorphism

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Natural Remedy For Collapsed Trachea Helps Senior Maltese Dog

"My 13 yr old maltese has been struggling with a dry cough and passing out due to her collapsing trachea. I got UltraFlex, and I can not believe it, 3rd day, no coughing or passing out. It is truly a miracle, and I am a customer for the rest of her life. Thank you so much, she is my fur baby."  L Barrett  CA

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hug Your Dog Or Cat Every Day

The second Sunday in September has been designated as a day to shower your pup with love.  Ami Moore, author and Canine Behaviorist, created National Hug Your Hound Day to help make America more “pup friendly”.  While yesterday was officially Hug Your Hound Day, please take the time to STOP right now and give your cat or dog a hug.  Life is precious and enjoy every wonderful moment you have with your special pet.