Sunday, August 19, 2018

Dogs Days Movie Is A Wonderful Movie For Animal Lovers

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened."   -- Anatole France

That is the heart and soul of this movie.  A touching, heartfelt, feel-good movie that explores the live of several dogs and the people they bring together.  Even though it was a comedy I must confess I cried through half of it.  Having run a dog rescue for 12 years, the movie was especially touching since there is a lot in the movie about rescuing homeless pets and the sweet little faces all waiting for someone to adopt them.  The main theme though is all the beautiful ways that animals touch our lives, reach into our hearts and bring out the best in us.  Yes, it was corny, but we loved it!
Thursday, August 16, 2018

Help For Cats And Dogs That Are Picky Eaters

Is your pet a picky eater?Being a little finicky is normal but when pets are continually reluctant to eat it is often because they aren’t feeling well. (If your pet has a sudden decreased appetite be sure to take them to the veterinarian.). If your pet has an ongoing fussiness, chances are your pet has a tummy ache. It could be acid reflux, sensitive digestion or discomfort from food intolerances. Our trio of products  has helped thousands of cats and dogs over the years to smile again. Lypozyme gently aids in digestion of protein and fats, Power Probiotic provides beneficial bacteria needed for proper digestion and Gastro ULC contains ingredients that act like a natural Pepto-Bismol. Having a tummy ache is no fun and you can give your pet fast relief. Many clients report that the products along with diet changes have helped their pet get back to their old self. Buy this trio of these tummy soothing products and get free shipping on your entire order. Use coupon code: fussy. Please click on the link to view products.  

Offer valid through 10/31/2018
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How Much Protein Is In Your Cat Or Dog's Diet?

Is your pet always ravenous? Begging for treats all day long? Is your pet overweight? One reason could be that the protein percentage in your pet’s diet is too low. Pets need ample amounts of real protein from real food. Many pet foods amp up the protein percentage on the label sourcing with protein from potatoes, peas and soy. Animals (especially cats) require natural protein from meat, poultry or fish. If one of these sources isn’t the very first ingredient on your pet’s food, then the diet might be lacking. Protein builds a healthy immune system, muscoloskeletal system and regulates blood sugar. Protein is an essential building block for bones, muscles, blood and hormones. Diets low in protein are often high in carbohydrates which can cause insulin to spike leaving pets feeling hungrier just a few hours after eating. What’s a pet owner to do? Invest in a higher quality food and keep dry kibble to a minimum (most dry food is high in carbs). If possible, feed your pet a raw frozen diet or include some raw frozen nuggets as a portion of your pet’s meal. Give your pet freeze dried protein treats (e.g. salmon pieces) vs biscuits or cookies made from grains. Look for grain-free foods (remember grain-free could be sourcing the protein from peas, legumes or potatoes) but more importantly look for pet food where the first ingredient is meat, poultry or fish.

Note: Pets with kidney or liver disease need a controlled protein diet and some elderly pets as well.

Home Remedies For Cats With Urinary Crystals

Is your cat getting urinary crystals? If so here are some tips:

1) Feeding the right diet can help. Crystals form when there is an imbalance in the urinary pH. Different types of crystals form depending upon whether the urine is too acidic or too alkaline. A raw frozen diet using a hypoallergenic protein source can promote a neutral pH. Grains and carbohydrates can increase the likelihood of infection in susceptible cats so be sure to use a high protein, high moisture diet that with a hypoallergenic novel protein source.

2) supplements can help promote the growth of friendly bacteria, reduce inflammation, clear sediments and protect the delicate structure of the urinary tract. Supplements such as Renelix, Akutur, NotaSAN and Power Probiotic have delivered proven results for cats over the years.

3) As with any treatment, working with your veterinarian to monitor your cat’s progress is key. After you start your cat on a healthy diet and use a few supplements, be sure to recheck your kitty’s urine to ensure your cat’s health is on track.
Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kitty Found Under The Hood Under Of Mercedes Needs A Home

Ask Ariel client Kelly N rescued this kitty in the Los Angeles area and is looking to find her a home. Here is her story and contact information:

"Please see Sadie Needs a Forever Home re: the 6-week-old kitten my mom and I rescued in Arcadia, CA. She was crying underneath the hood of the neighbor's new Mercedes - hence her name, Sadie. She will be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks. Sadie had a rough start but has adjusted beautifully and will make an amazing pet. She is super affectionate, playful, and funny. I can be reached at 626-590-1977 or if you would like to inquire about adopting her. Thank you." Kelly
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hope For Sick Pets -- Wellness Is A Healing Journey

Hi, It’s me Legend.  I wanted to send you an inspirational message to tell you to that even when it seems there is no hope, sometimes miracles can happen.  Today is a day to celebrate! It’s the 8th of the month and it is 8 months since I had my last grand mal seizure.   We want to thank everypawdy who supported us and cheered us on even after it seemed there wasn’t going to be a rainbow for me. I had one seizure after another and Momma tried everything.  We kept fighting on—over and over with no stone unturned.  Momma never gave up on me.  Finally we found the answer and suddenly all of the other things we tried came together.  It wasn’t just one drug, or one supplement—-it was all the things we learned along the way on our journey that finally came together.  So now I am sending you love and hope and if you are feeling discouraged, please think of my story and keep forging on.
❤️With Love and Heartfelt Thanks, Legend

If your pet isn't feeling well, we understand how troubling that can be. If you have questions about your dog, or wondering what else you can do to help your sick cat, please reach out to us.   While we can't provide any type of veterinary or consultative advice, we can provide you with links to articles that can help you better understand how you can help your pet.  Wellness is a journey and holistic healing has many ups and down.  Please feel free to email us at

Monday, August 6, 2018

Has Your Cat Been Sneezing? Home Remedies That Can Help

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Has your cat been sneezing? An occasional sneeze is normal but if your kitty has ongoing sneezing, then please contact your veterinarian. Frequent sneezing is typically a sign of infection whether it be viral, fungal or bacterial. Cats with viruses such as herpes are more prone to upper respiratory infections. Cats don't have to be on antibiotics all the time. A holistic approach using a hypoallergenic low carbohydrate diet along with a few immune support supplements can be life changing.

Immune Support Kit – The Immune Support Kit is very helpful for cats with sneezing and upper respiratory infections.  It contains three tasteless liquid immune support formulas:
  • Easy to use drops (with minimal smell and taste - no alcohol)
  • Fight infections to reduce nasal discharge and sneezing
  • Clears up sinuses, nasal tract and improves breathing
  • Gentle, natural formulas that can safely be used on an ongoing basis
  • Supports your pet's own immune system to reduce viral flareups or asthma attacks
QuentaSAN and NotaSAN--Two powerful homeopathic formulas that are most effective when used together. Easy to use gentle drops that can have powerful and effective results in treating infections and relieves nasal and sinus discharge. The drops can be used long-term for immune support.

Silver Immune Support for Pets - Broad spectrum antimicrobial that can be used along with antibiotics. Safe for young kittens with upper respiratory infections too. AKA  "The Germinator"