Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Win A Pet Toy Summer Sweepstakes

Since July is National Ice Cream Month, we thought it would be fun to celebrate with some awesome ice cream squeaky toys! There are cones, bars and even ice cream sandwich toys! For kitties, we have fun sprinkle balls. Here is all you need to do to win! Be sure to follow our Facebook page and post a photo of your pet. We will randomly select 5 winners on Friday July 28. Tell your friends about your post because the pet photo with the most "likes" will also win a fun Tote cooler with 3 trial bags of Instinct Mixers and a pair of Instinct Sunglasses. So join the fun and post a photo of your pet now!  🎈💕

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Want to Pick Up Less Dog Poop?

Want to reduce the amount of daily poop to clean up? Feed your pet a raw frozen diet. Pets digest the REAL food found in a raw diet and have much smaller poops. Brands such as Stella & Chewys, Primal and Instinct offer balanced nutrition containing real meat, vegetables and omega oils. This is more natural for a cat or dog to eat so there is less poop! Pets that eat kibble have much more stool as kibble is made with carbohydrates, much of which remains undigested.  This is especially true of reduced calorie pet diets that aim to temporarily reduce your pet's hunger by adding questionable ingredients such as peanut hulls.  Instead, feed your overweight pet a high protein diet to stabilize blood sugar and reduce hunger pangs.  Basically, feeding your dog high carb kibble diets is literally throwing your money and your pet's health down the drain.    Click here to learn more about the benefits of a raw frozen diet

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Enzymes For Small Dogs and Cats With Pancreatitis

Yorkies, Schnauzers, Miniature Schnauzers and other small breed dogs are prone to pancreatitis. Lypozyme for Pets  is a gentle, tasteless, easy to use enzyme formula that helps pets digest protein and fats. Essential for Feline Pancreatitis, Dogs with Pancreatitis, Feline Hepatic Lipidosis, Diabetic Pets, Cats and Dogs with Liver Disease. Just sprinkle Lypozyme on your cat or dog's food every time your pet eats. Can also be mixed with water in a syringe if that is easier. This is the best enzyme formula for treating and preventing pancreatitis in cats and dogs. The enzymes help your pet digest the fat and protein, taking the workload off of your pet's pancreas.
To learn more about Lypozyme for Pets, please click here

Friday, July 21, 2017

Five Reasons NOT To Feed Cheese To Your Pet

Cheese is a treat that many pet owners enjoy and assume it is ok to give their pets.  If your pet is having any scratching, itching, digestive problems such as loose stool, gas, vomiting, eye tearing, ear infections or has pancreatitis, diabetes, elevated liver enzymes, kidney disease, or is overweight (phew!--the list goes on and on), then it's best to avoid it.  Here is why:

1) Dairy is a big allergen that weakens immunity in many pets

Even cheese that is organic or made from goat's milk can be problematic for allergic pets.  Many treats and pet foods contain dairy and cheese so read the labels carefully.  If your pet displays any signs of itching, scratching, ear infections or digestive problems, AVOID CHEESE (and all dairy products!).
If your pet has allergies,  AllerEaze and Power Probiotic 
can provide fast relief of allergy symptoms.

2) Cheese is hard to digest and can cause vomiting and diarrhea in some pets

Many pets have unexplained vomiting and diarrhea and pet owners may conclude it is just "how the pet is".  Vomiting and diarrhea can be symptoms of a much deeper problem such as inflammatory bowel disease and these symptoms need to be monitored closely.  One of the biggest culprits for digestive problems are occasional treats containing food allergens such as cheese or wheat.

If your pet has loose stool, vomiting, diarrhea, your pet may have food allergies or acid stomach.  Gastro ULC and Power Probiotic can relieve acid stomach and digestive enzymes such as the Soothing Digestive Relief will firm up the stool.

3) Cheese is high in fat and can provoke a pancreatitis attack. 

Sometimes pets may be eating a low-fat diet for pancreatitis and yet the pet owner is using cheese to "hide" pills as a treat.  Instead of cheese, try using canned pet food or a lower fat alternative.

If your pet has pancreatitis, it is essential to use Lypozyme and/or the Pancreatitis Kit to aid digestion and the metabolism of fats and protein.

4) Cheese is highly caloric and can cause pets to gain weight. 

The majority of cats and dogs are overweight.  Keeping your pet at the ideal weight will extend their life and the time you can spend with them.  Excess weight can lead to health conditions such as diabetes, fatty liver, cancer and more.  Instead of cheese, use low fat treats such as fish-based treats, vegetables or a piece of lean meat.

5) Cheese contains lactose (milk sugar) which feeds yeast overgrowth and bacterial infections

If your pet has an odor, is licking at the groin area or is getting yeast infections in the ears, sugar is the worst food you can give them.  Besides being a potential allergen, the cheese and mold enable the yeast to grow faster and stronger.  It is not unusual for a pet to be given a piece of cheese or peanut butter and develop a yeast infection the very next day.  Feed a fresh raw frozen diet or low carbohydrate canned food for best results if your pet has yeast.   K9 Yeast Defense and Power Probiotic have been extremely helpful in controlling yeast overgrowth. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Natural Pain Relief For Pets: Curcumin Improves Mobility in Dogs and Cats

Ask Ariel's Curcumin Complex For Pets helps relieve pain and improve flexibility and mobility in cats and dogs. It's powerful anti-inflammatory effects are backed by scientific research. Excellent value - Save 10 percent now! To learn more, please click the link 

Monday, July 17, 2017

What To Feed Your Cat

Cats are carnivores yet many pet owners continue to feed them foods which have very little nutritional value and often contribute to their health issues. All dry kibble is made with carbohydrates which break down into sugar, weakening a cat's immunity. Can you imagine,  for example, a lion preferring a box of cereal over raw meat? Most cat treats have sugars and carbs added in when what cats really crave is simple proteins made from real food.

Next time you visit the pet store, please take a look at your cat's food label. Look for meat, poultry and fish and avoid the carbohydrates. Raw frozen diets, freeze dried diets (if your kitty won't eat raw) and some premium canned are your best options.

Natural Remedies for Mast Cell Tumors Help Rescued Pit Bull

"We rescued Luna, a mini pitty, from the streets of Brooklyn in September 2013. She was approximately three years old and Luna actually ran into my arms. It was obvious she had been out on the street for a while. Our house sits on Brooklyn’s Highland Park on a dead-end and cruel people abandon their animals here all the time. Over the 10 years of living here, we have grown a network of caring animal rescue organizations and people who are always ready to respond when a critter is left on our stoop or tied to a tree in the park.

Luna was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor in July 2015, and surgery was done in early August 2015. I reached out to Ask Ariel for recommended supplements, and Luna was placed on several at the time, but is now down to just two- Immune Harmony and the Resveratrol for Dogs. Thank God, she has been healthy with no recurrence.

Luna now lives a happy life with her stepsisters Sadie, and Kat, as well as stepbrothers, Wayne, and Cisco. We even recently rescued 2 chickens from the parkway who live harmoniously with all the other critters and give us our daily eggs!

As our pack grew, my spouse was moved to get certified and become a professional dog trainer. He founded Brooklyn's Finest Dog Training in 2014. Because of our up close and personal experience he has chosen to specialize in rescued dogs, especially those with issues."

Laura L.- New York 2017