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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Supplements Can Help A Dog With Lymphoma

Is It Too Late To Try Pet Cancer Supplements When My Dog Has Lymphoma?

Q: Have a 12 1/2 yr old shiba inu dx 1/2010 with b-cell lymphoma, stage 3a. Did 19 wk CHOP protocol and she went into clinical remission after 4th treatment. Very few side effects. Immediately changed diet to hi protein/fat, low carb, no grain. Added l-arginine pills (n/d food wasn't tolerated). Finished proto - went 3 1/2 mos before it re-emerged. Started CHOP again, went into clinical remission quickly, finished protocol this past April - held remission for another 3 1/2 months - started to re-emerge again. Changed to elspar/lomustine as her response to CHOP was slower than the first two times. So far - so good - nodes are very close to being completely down.

Feel like I am missing an all important supplement for her. She takes metacam daily (hip dysplasia and arthritis) and soloxine for her thyroid. Was thinking of arteminisin but not sure about the dosing requirements. Am open to homeopathic supplements - is it to late to use the Canine Lymphoma Supplements for her? She still has good vitality and bright, clear eyes...

Thank you! Ann L.

A: First, let me say I am so sorry that your dog has lymphoma and complement you for all that you have done to try to help. I am sure you have had a lot of emotional ups and downs through this time period. One of the most common questions we receive comes from pet owners wondering if it is too late to try supplements with their sick pet. The answer really depends upon the state of the pet's current condition. When a pet is no longer eating, spends most of the time lying down or sleeping and there are more bad days than good days, then the best thing a pet owner can do is to let them go peacefully. But, most of the time, the pet still has some spunk left, has good vitality, bright clear eyes and is eating on his own.

The benefit of supplements for treating canine lymphoma or any type of cancer is that it gives your pet a boost. The canine lymphoma supplements  include time tested products such as Immune Harmony and Curcumin that have been used safely and successfully by many dog and cat owners.    We have seen dogs with lymphoma tolerate the chemotherapy much better  when using these products and their quality of life and longevity is improved.