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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Poodle with Heart Murmur and Allergies Gets Better With Natural Remedies

Bella on her Cloud

"I am so fortunate to have found Susan Davis and Ask Ariel Your Pet
Nutritionist early on in my poodle’s life when she was just a few
years old. Bella is now a spry little senior who will celebrate her
fourteenth birthday in August.

I credit Susan and her informative website for educating my family on
the vital role proper nutrition and supplementation play in helping
our pets live their best lives. Bella has food and environmental
allergies and now a Grade IV heart murmur. Yet she is thriving with a
high-quality freeze-dried diet in the morning and a homemade mix of
fish and veggies at night, along with the following Ask Ariel

Power Probiotic
Purrfect Pet CoQ10
Liver and Gallbladder Natural Supplement
Kidney Health Protein Support

Whenever I encounter pet owners looking for ways to improve their
animal companions’ health and quality of life, I refer them to Ask
Ariel’s website for comprehensive information and high-quality

Ordering is easy, fulfillment is fast, and the Ask Ariel team is very
responsive in answering my questions. I will continue to use these
products and benefit from Susan’s educational resources for as long as
I am fortunate enough to share my life with a pet."

Brenda N., Los Angeles