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Friday, February 3, 2023

Check The Label

Did you know? Many pet treats and food is dyed red? Examples: treats that look like steak, shrimp, salmon or bacon.

Pets can see a spectrum of yellows and blues but not red. So the red color is not for their benefit. Instead, Red 40 dye in commercial pet foods and treats is added for you the consumer to trick you into thinking the food or treat is good for your pet.

Please don’t give your pets these treats! Look on the label—if it looks fake—it is and there is no nutritional benefit. In fact, foods dyed red may be harmful for pets. Scientific research shows that red dye 40 can cause behavioral problems and hyperactivity in children, can cause allergic reactions in people and can cause immune system cancers in mice. Most laboratory research is done on small animals, so it is safe to say that red dye would pose the same potential risks to your cat or dog.

There are many healthy dye-free alternative treats for pets. Raw freeze-dried food is a convenient alternative. Look for REAL meat choices. While raw freeze-dried salmon is more brown than red, it has amazing benefits for your pet.