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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tribute to Andy--A Precious Rescue Kitty

Andy 02/05/09

This little soul came into my life one rainy, stormy night as an adult kitty (age unknown), nearly starved, and weighing less than three pounds. He had no whiskers and badly mattered eyes. Was it was a coincidence that I went to a birthday dinner the same day that he showed up at the house of the hostess? I don’t believe that it was.

I took him home and wanted only to keep him warm, dry, comfortable, and safe for the rest of his life. He expressed determination beyond belief, got well, and turned into a beautiful cat. He gave me more love than one could ask for. Full of games and with a great sense of humor, this little guy taught me my most valuable lessons. He brightened my life for twelve years.

I wanted to have him forever, but Andy knew when he was ready to leave. In spite of the best efforts of Dr. David Gordon and Susan Davis, he passed on February 5, 2009. This little soul has been, and will always be a light shining brightly with love in my life.
Marcia Leong