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Friday, April 3, 2015

10 Year Old Min-Pin Running and Jumping like a Pup!

"Ulysse is our 10 year old Min Pin.  He is a very active little guy, loves to fetch, swim and run (he's done a few 5k with me). He had patella luxation surgery at the age of 2. As he got older, I noticed he was having some pain on his back. We did X-rays multiple times and the vet concluded he has arthritis. We started giving him Tramadol and it did help,to some extent, but I was always concerned about creating other issues in the long run. He had pancreatitis in the past and again Tramadol was given. We also did laser treatments but those stopped working after a couple of months. I started to research supplements and herbs because I  believe natural remedies do work. We tried many others before we ran into products. Another min pin mom loved the products so I said well let's give them a try. By then he had taken metacam (not for long because of all the side effects) and I just couldn't do it. 

We decided to give him ARTHROSOOTHE and COLLAGENEX (collagen for pets) it took about one week and we were done with the Tramadol. He stopped growling when we touched his back and he started to jump, climb and run non-stop like a crazy little man that just turn two yrs old instead of 10 years. We just couldn't believe it!!! People at the dog park noticed the difference in his attitude and could tell he was feeling 100% better!!! My old man had turn into a young pup . When winter came along, I was concerned about the cold and his pains, but it didn't faze him. We continued going to the dog park and he  would just run and run and run and play with the snow! His two sisters ( min pin), the other people and I at the dog park couldn't believe him!

We are so grateful we found  It changed my Ulysse's life completely!

Ana, Michigan 2015