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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Is Your Dog Or Cat a Finicky Eater? These Feeding Tips Can Help

Is Your Pet a Finicky Eater?

Here Are 3 Feeding Tips That Can Help:
1. Many times pets are finicky because they have a tummy ache that you may not be aware of. Yes, pets do favor certain foods over others, but being very finicky can be a sign of a health condition. Check with your vet especially if this is a recent symptom. Introducing Power Probiotic and Soothing Digestive Relief along with a diet change (feeding a grain-free hypoallergenic diet) can greatly help.

2. Be patient and stay the course. When pets are finicky, it’s tempting to just feed them lower quality “junk pet foods” because that is all the pet will eat. This only perpetuates the problem. Converting your cat or dog to healthy foods can take time but it can be done even with the most finicky eater. Seek out novel, grain free proteins that your pet hasn’t tried such as rabbit or venison and SLOWLY introduce them mixed in with your pet’s current diet.

3. Try freeze dried toppers to entice your pet to eat a healthier diet. Take a look at your pet’s food label. The label should have ingredients you can pronounce. If any food or treat contains unsavory ingredients, toss it out. Stock up on a variety of healthy grain-free hypoallergenic foods and rotate until you find some options that your pet enjoys!