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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dog Dementia Brain Supplement Helps Senior Dog

"I have been using Dog Brain Booster for about two months with great results with my 16 1/2 year old Aussie Pancho.  He has been showing classic signs of dementia like pacing, sleeplessness at night, getting stuck in corners, etc.  The worst part was his disconnect and almost total lack of interaction with us.  I tried Anipryl which did nothing to help.  I tried hemp oil which relaxed him but caused him to have more pottying accidents.  Finally I tried the Brain Booster.  His dementia is so much better.  He paces less, sleeps most of the night, and is able to make it through the night to potty in the morning (we put tarps on the floor because of night time accidents).  Best of all he is interacting with us and is more responsive and alert.  Now when I pet him or hug him he responds instead of ignoring it.  Even his chiropractor has noticed the change in him.  I just wanted to let you know that this product works and has improved the quality of life for all of us."   Rory M.  PA

Recommended by Veterinarians Because It Works! Successfully used in veterinary hospitals since 2005. All-Natural Dog Brain Booster can help reduce and prevent dog seizures, help dogs with dementia, brain tumors and other brain disorders.  Safe for small and big dogs.

Monday, July 25, 2011

14 year old Boxer With Dementia Keeps Going Strong!

Sophie, our sweet boxer, is now 14 years old. Boxers generally only live 8 - 10 years.Thanks to Ask Ariel's Brain Vitale and diet program, Sophie is going strong physically and mentally. As many senior dogs do, Sophie had developed pancreatitis and was having digestive issues; she did not want to eat. Susan Davis, Ask Ariel Nutritionist, formulated a low fat diet for Sophie and recommended using the supplements, K9 Digestive Enzymes and Lypozyme. Sophie no longer has pancreatitis and she is back to chowing down her meals.  The K9 Digestive enzymes stopped her tummy rumbling and the Lypozyme cleared up her pancreatitis.

As Sophie got older, she started to bark and bark for no reason. It seemed like she had dementia which affects some senior dogs. She seemed to not even know that she was barking. Susan recommended the supplement Brain Vitale for healthy brain function and we got our Sophie back. She is back to her old self, playing with our other boxer, and the barking has all but stopped.  Nothing helped with the doggie dementia until we started using the Brain Vitale.  It made a big difference in her temperament and energy level.

We know that we would not have our senior dog, Sophie with us today if is wasn't for Ask Ariel's help with Sophie's diet and supplements.