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Monday, December 2, 2019

AskAriel's GivingTuesday Fundraiser for Husky Haven of LA Inc.

Want to join me in supporting a good cause? Please join us in supporting this very worthy charity that really needs your help.   Link To Donate 

3 Reasons We're Supporting Husky Haven of Los Angeles On #GivingTuesday

1) Husky Haven of Los Angeles is the REAL DEAL. Whenever we make donations whether it is to someone standing on the street corner or our favorite charity, is this money going to go toward what they say it does? Is our $5 or $500 going to help the cause it claims. We know Husky Haven of Los Angeles and can tell you this is an honestly run non-profit that puts every penny raised toward saving the lives of homeless shelter dogs. We have seen what this organization is all about, been to their facility, adopted and fostered dogs for Husky Haven and seen the enormous vet bills. It costs a lot of money to pull a dog from the shelter or take in an abused and neglected dog. These animals need immediate veterinary care, food and ongoing care. There are no "administration fees" which often take 10 -20% of an organization's charitable donations. That is because Husky Haven is an all volunteer organization and 100% of your donations goes to save lives. Husky Haven receives A ratings every year when their facility is inspected by Animal Control.

2) Husky Haven of Los Angeles is ALL HEART. We have seen Rhonda Hallden in action with our own eyes. This year, she received a call from a pet owner who wanted to relinquish his "pets" that supposedly he was taking care of. The dogs were nearly starved, living in filth, covered with fleas and badly in need of care. There were other breeds at the home and Husky Haven made sure that all of the dogs were rescued--not just the huskies. Husky Haven doesn't just save the puppies and the easy to place dogs. They save the sick ones, the injured, the dying.

3) Husky Haven Has Been Around For A LONG Time. Many charities come and go with the best of intentions. Husky Haven has been saving the lives of homeless dogs since 1982. You can read their story here.

Please open your hearts and give Husky Haven a donation of any amount. Every penny will be put to good use and will help save a dog from being euthanized at the shelters.  Here is the link to make a donation of any amount. 
Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Best Pals Bella and Juno Need A Home


Best pals, Bella and Juno, found each other when they came to Siberian Husky Haven on L.A. They keep each other company, bunk together and play all day. They would love to find a forever home together. If you could open your heart to two lovable dogs, this is the pair to consider.  They have already bonded with each other, which will  help make the transition to a new home all the easier.   These two adorable dogs would be a perfect fit for a working family.  Huskies are cuddly, friendly dogs that are loving and affectionate with children.   For adoption information, please contact  HUSKY HAVEN of L.A.   

Husky Haven of LA:  661-266-9779   Email:

Friday, September 27, 2013

Donations Desperately Needed For Neglected Rescue Dog

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Denali is a 9 year old Siberian Husky who was rescued from an LA County Shelter 3 years ago by Husky Haven of LA.  She was adopted to a seemingly nice family who promised to care for Denali for the rest of her life.  Even though the family was carefully screened, they did not live up to their promise and Denali turned up at a shelter looking as she appears on the right with clumps of fur missing, loss of her black pigment from severe malnutrition, sores around her mouth and a large growth on her ear.  The picture on the left is how Denali appeared just 3 years ago at the time of her adoption.  Husky Haven of LA makes a commitment to the dogs they rescue for life.  It cost $250 in fees to bail out poor Denali from the shelter and it is estimated that she will need approx. $2000 in veterinary care.  However, we are hopeful that with proper veterinary attention, supplements and good nutrition, Denali will be able to make a successful recovery.  Even the smallest donations would be appreciated.  If you would like to help save Denali's life, please make a tax-deductible donation on the Husky Haven of LA website. is dedicated to helping save the lives of homeless pets.  We donate resources and supplements to rescue groups to help give these pets a 2nd chance.
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