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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Feline Hyperthyroidism: Supplement Can Provide Kidney Support


Feline hyperthyroidism can affect kidney function in cats.  Cats with hyperthyroidism should take kidney support supplements as the feline hyperthyroidism can mask the extent to which the kidney are affected.

Dear Susan,

"We just wanted to share with you our wonderful success with Renelix.  Our cat Delilah is hyperthyroid and late this summer she was diagnosed with slightly high kidney levels.  We started her on the Renelix immediately, per your instructions.  Subsequently, her blood tests revealed that all of her kidney values had dropped to within normal range.  It was miraculous!  And we are so grateful to you for all your help!  Any of your clients who are on the fence about this product should purchase it without hesitation.  It really works and we don't have to worry about giving our pet a lot of prescription meds that may have harmful side effects.  Thank you again, you are awesome!  Delilah sends lots of purrs and kisses!"

Suzanne Sucec
 Joanne Sucec
Pennsylvania 2013