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Friday, November 3, 2023

Do You Still Have Treats?

Halloween may be over but there is still plenty of candy lying around. Please use extra caution to make sure candy is kept away from pesky paws. While family members are enjoying their Halloween goodies for weeks after the holiday, pets can easily get into the candy stash too. Chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs. Sugary treats like candy corn can give them a stomach ache or lead to a pancreatitis flare-up. Even sugar-free hard candies and gum can be problematic as they often contain xylitol which can cause a severe drop in blood sugar. Candy wrappers and lollipops can cause dangerous intestinal blockage. Please do all you can to keep Halloween treats in a safe place away from pets. Halloween may be over this year but the risk to pets still remains.

Friday, October 27, 2023

Halloween Pet Safety

Be sure to keep your pet in a protected area where your pet feels safe! Spooked pets can get lost. Doorbells and excited trick-or-treaters can make pets nervous. Opening the door for costumed kids can make for an easy escape. Try to plan ahead and prepare a safe, quiet room for your cat or dog to relax in. Make sure that your pet has an ID tag with current information, just in case they get scared and escape.

Playing soothing music or turning on the television to muffle loud noises outside can also help. Use Psy-stabil natural homeopathic drops or Happy Paws Hemp Extract to calm your pet.  Do not leave your pet outdoors on Halloween.