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Monday, July 3, 2023

When To Feed Your Pets?

It’s really important to feed your pet twice a day. Feeding pets at least 2x a day regulates blood sugar, reduces stress and improves digestion. Twice-daily meals can keep your pet's body running on schedule. Your pet's stomach will empty in 6-8 hours. Some pets do best when they have several small meals throughout the day. By feeding smaller and more frequent meals, you can help ease acid stomach and reduce the risk of bloat. Regular mealtimes provide security and may reduce anxious and destructive behavior. It can also help you identify potential health issues, as a change in eating habits can be an early warning sign of illness.

How can you feed more without your pet getting overweight?  Take the daily portion and put into containers so it measured out.  Adding vegetables to meals can also help pets feel more satiated.  Mix in vegetables like squash, pumpkin or green beans along with your pet’s food.

If your pet has acid stomach, feeding a small snack before bedtime can really help.  Many pet owners notice that if their dog eats his last meal around 6 pm and then doesn’t eat again u til the next morning, the dog may vomit bile in the morning.  Some ideas for a small snack would be a little canned or raw food or some raw freeze dried food mixed with water. You can also mix in raw goat milk as that helps to coat the stomach. Giving probiotics mixed into the snack can also help.