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Friday, September 16, 2022

Making Life Easier For our Senior Pets

14-year-old Legend is “doing the ramp” his way. We have tried all kinds of ramps over the years. Most are either too narrow, too flimsy or the surface is slippery and the dogs won’t use it. What has made this one a winner is that it has a grass covering. Ramps save senior dogs from injuries and can protect their limbs, even if they could still jump in.

Ramps can be invaluable aids for senior dogs, providing a gentle and supportive means for them to get in and out of cars safely. As dogs age, they may experience joint issues, arthritis, or reduced mobility, making it challenging for them to navigate elevated surfaces like car seats. A ramp offers a gradual incline, minimizing the strain on their joints and muscles. It allows senior dogs to walk up or down at their own pace, reducing the risk of falls or injuries. Ramps come in various designs, including foldable and portable options, making them convenient for use during travel. By incorporating a ramp into a senior dog's routine, pet owners can promote independence, reduce stress, and enhance the overall well-being of their furry companions, ensuring that every car journey remains comfortable and accessible throughout their golden years.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mobility Aids For Injured and Aging Pets

Our pets are an important member of our family, and we would do anything to help them. As they age, or perhaps in the event they suffer an injury, special medical attention may be required.  Hip dysplasia, ligament injury, and arthritis are a few of conditions that could affect your dog's mobility. These condition can come on suddenly or be a slow progression.  Your once active energetic dog may now be resigned to a day of just laying about, possibly in pain. Fortunately, there are options to help your pet regain mobility and a happy, active life once again.  They include joint support supplements and mobility aids.

Mobility Aids that can help:

  • Harnesses and slings-mobility devices that are for dogs that have trouble standing or that get tired easily, but have not lost all their mobility. There are different types of harnesses and slings depending upon your dog's ability to get up and down.  If your dog is still pretty mobile, but just needs a little help getting up than a sling can work out well.  It's very easy to get it 2
  • Ramps- for dog's that have trouble climbing stairs, simply setting up a ramp will allow your dog to easily walk up.
  • Boots and Splints- If your pet has partially mobility, but is unsure of their footing or needs added joint support (perhaps from being injured) using a splint or boot could help significantly.
  • Dog Wheelchairs- For those dogs that have lost much of their mobility, a dog wheelchair--or a dog cart, as they are sometimes called.  For dogs with degenerative disc disorder, the devices can help take the weight off the dogs' damaged parts.  Dog wheelchairs allow pets to run, play, and even swim again getting the exercise they need. to live happy, healthy lives. 

Maintaining or regaining your dog's mobility is important to both you and your dog.  Just as a cane or wheelchair can help humans overcome their challenges, using the supplements and mobility aids can help your pet have the active lifestyle that they crave  and to live a happy, healthy life.