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Friday, April 12, 2013

Puppy Love: Devoted Shelter Dog Walks 10 miles in the Freezing Cold to Unite With His Sweetheart

      Ben and Jade  Photo Credit:  Tribune Star

To watch video of Ben and Jade along with the Lawler family, please click the NBC 2 link below:

Bravo to the Lawler couple in Indiana for making a Doggie Dream come true!  Ben and Jade (two German Shepherd dog mixes) were both abandoned stray dogs that wandered together in the community.  However, when they had a litter of puppies, they were brought to the Terre Haute Humane Society in Indiana.  They were kept in the same cage and were quite bonded.  People often don't realize the incredible bonds dogs and animals form with one another. Their love was put to the test when after several weeks, Ben, but not Jade, was adopted by the Lawler family.

After 3 weeks of living with the Lawlers, Ben escaped.  He trekked 10 miles in freezing cold weather to see his love.  He found his way back to the shelter in a day and went up to her cage and kissed her through the fencing.  He knew the shelter staff would try to capture him so he evaded them for quite awhile.  Once Ben was captured, the two happy dogs were reunited and tails were wagging.

The Lawlers saw the unbelievable devotion between the two dogs and realized they had to adopt both Jade and Ben.  Now, the two lovebirds are inseparable.  They go on walks, eat and sleep together.  They are living out a wonderful fairytale because of the kindness of this family and the community who saved them.  Rescue dogs like Ben and Jade are euthanized daily throughout the world and this is one story of true puppy love!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Is Curcumin (tumeric) Safe To Give Dogs? What are the benefits of giving Curcumin to Dogs?

Q:  My 7 year old german shepherd is slowing down.  I  give him glucosamine but had read about curcumin and was wondering if it was safe to give my dog and also would like to know the benefits.  Can you explain why to use curcumin and how it might help my german shepherd?

A:  Curcumin is an excellent product for pet joint support, cancer and inflammation.  This product is a powerful anti-inflammatory that is backed by extensive research.  We have seen excellent results with older dogs that are stiff and uncomfortable in helping to improve mobility and reduced pain.  Curcumin (aka as turmeric) is also helpful for cats.  It is easy to administer and economical.

Benefits of Curcumin for Dogs and Cats:
1)  Curcumin stimulates bile production.Helps to cleanse the blood of toxins and impurities by improving liver function.  
2)  Is a natural painkiller and cox-2 inhibitor.  In some studies, it has been shown to work nearly as well as anti-inflammatory drugs.
3) Very helpful for hip dysplasia, arthritis and pets that are slowing down because of it's anti-inflammatory properties
4) Benefits the circulatory system because it is a blood thinner and helps to prevent clots and excess cholesterol accumulation.
5) Powerful antioxidant which can lessen free radical damage
6) Some evidence on turmeric and cancer indicate that curcumin may help control cancer growth

Curcumin would be an excellent addition to any senior pet and especially any dog or cat that shows signs of fatigue, difficulty getting up and down stairs, limping or having trouble moving around.  Older big dogs such as german shepherds would especially benefit from using curcumin.