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Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Retriever Chewing on His Paws

Q;  My Golden Retriever chews on his paws a lot.  We use a flea preventative and I don't think he has fleas.  Why is my Golden Retriever chewing on his paws?

A:  Be sure to bring your Golden Retriever to the veterinarian to make sure there isn't some hidden wound or injury.  Sometimes dogs lick incessantly on their paws because something is hurting them.  Once you know that is not the case, then another possibility is that your dog has allergies.  Golden Retrievers can be prone to allergies.  Many dogs will chew on their paws, their hind legs and groin constantly because it is itchy.  This can create a lot of skin sores, hot spots and blackened skin.  The fur (especially the white fur) can appear rust-colored from staining due to the saliva.

Since Golden Retrievers are susceptible to allergies, you need to be really careful about the food and treats you give your dog.  Avoid chicken, beef, dairy and grains in particular.  These foods can be allergens for many dogs.  Try to give your dog fresh vegetables such as green beans instead of dog biscuits which contain wheat and can cause many dogs to itch, scratch and chew on their paws.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dog Itching and Yeast

Hello I have a 7 year old miniature schnauzer named chynna she itches every waking moment she has been on allergies shots for the last 3 years and has to take cephalexin or simplicef with the shots.. I decided she has to have a better way of treating her severe allergies. i changed her diet 3 weeks ago to wellness core food and she gets either tuna or halo organic food with it she receives 1 time a day 1 cup of food and1/4 cup of wet food. she doesn't like the wellness much and 3 treats of wellness apples, yogurt and banana treats which she does like .Chynna's scratches all the time shakes her head or body, eye discharge and licking of the feet 2 days ago (which i feel will get infected because she has done this before). I started her on your skin regiment 1 week ago today 10/7/09. right now a consult is out due to money. i am a single parent trying to care for her 4 legged child as well. The allergies shots cost so much i know there has to be a better way.i gave her the last shot she had on 10/10/09 saturday due to she seemed to be in agony. I do not know what to do . i feel at a lost she also received a bath with sulfur and tar which helps for a shot time please help us ...
Thank you Candace

Hi Candace,
Sorry Chyna is suffering so much. There is a lot we can do to help you. The diet you are using is not appropriate--it was too high in carbohydrates. Sounds like your dog has yeast. Immediately stop giving her treats scuh sa bananas and apples--too sweet and be sure she is not getting grains. Please order the Dog Yeast Formula and Probiotic to go along with the Dog Skin Package (you already ordered). Please see earlier post about yeast.