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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Canine Papillomavirus, Weak Immune System--Diet and Supplements Can Help

Q: Hello. I have a 1 year old Lab Mix who just recently (beginning of April) was diagnosed with oral papillomavirus. She had 4 warts removed by laser and the rest were crushed. Her mouth healed and then about 2.5 weeks later, the warts showed up again. This time, there are more in quantity but aren't as big. Last week she had about 20 of them crushed to try and stimulate her immune system, but with her "nonexistent" immune system it hasn't seemed to help. I don't want to spend money on another surgery to have them removed then to come back again. Is there anything that you can suggest to help treat these warts? Portraits By Courtney

A: Courtney,
So sorry you have been through so much with your young dog. It really sounds like your dog has a weak immune system and definitely using an improved diet and supplement regimen would really help. When people or pets get chronic infections, it is a sign the body is having trouble defending itself. This is often due to the fact that the body is fighting many "fires" at once and the immune system is depleted. One of the most common reasons in dogs that the immune system gets weak is almost always the diet and the fact the dog is eating foods he or she is allergic to. For example, it is very common for dogs to get chronic ear infections and chronic urinary tract infections as a result of eating chicken which for some dogs is a very high allergen food. What you want to do is be sure your dog is on a grain-free, hypoallergenic diet with plenty of omega fatty acids such as Amazing Omegas. In addition, the following anti-viral supplements found on would also help: Quentans, Olive Leaf Extract and Samento. Immune Harmony would be especially helpful as well as it modulates (not overstimluates) the immune system.