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Monday, December 16, 2013

Colostrum Helps Vomiting in Cats

"Our cat Sebastian had problems with severe allergies this year, and was vomiting almost daily at one point.  We started him on Colostrum, per your instructions, in addition to Notatum, Quentans, and Gastro-ULC.  The change in him has been miraculous!  Not only has the vomiting stopped, but he has started gaining weight and is playing like a kitten again.  And he loves his Colostrum!  We would highly recommend all of these products after having a Consultation with you.  You give so much helpful information.  Both of our cats are happy and healthy, and it's largely because of you!  In many cases we've had no success with the traditional Veterinary approach, but notice an immediate improvement when using your holistic products.  And no nasty side effects either!  Sebastian sends his love and thanks you for your purrfect advice.  And my sister and I cannot thank you enough for all the assistance you give us to keep our babies happy and healthy!"
Suzanne Sucec
Joanne Sucec
Pennsylvania  2013
Colostrum for Pets has been shown in research studies to enhance the digestive system and immune function. If your pet is losing weight due to malabsorption, Colostrum for Pets can help repair inflamed villi in the intestinal tract. Very helpful for repairing the intestinal lining.  Use for pets that have had bouts of worms and parasites (especially giardia).