Friday, January 26, 2024

Cat Pillow Paw Success Story

With thanks to Hailey from Michigan for sharing adorable Marzipan’s success story:
“Marzipan was two years old when she came to us. She started showing signs of illness right away. One paw at a time would develop painful-looking swelling and blistering that would crack open and become infected. Our vet eventually diagnosed Marzipan with Pillow Paw, but encouraged us that in most cats, it only shows up a few times a year and we could treat with occasional steroids. Marz is not most cats, and her sweet little paws did respond to steroid treatment initially, but eventually she needed treatment almost once a month.
At this point our vet recommended a specialist. Having recently lost two pets to long-term illness, we knew how expensive a specialist would be and that we would probably be taking her to appointments the rest of her life. My husband came across Ask Ariel and the Power Probiotic

in a Google search, read the reviews, and decided to order a bottle before we resorted to calling the specialist. We were honestly not super optimistic, knowing how severe her case has been - but it was worth a try! Within a few weeks, Marzipan’s paws were clear… and then we started counting the months that we didn’t have to call the vet. It has now been almost 8 months since she’s had a flare up (unthinkable!!), and we are SO incredibly grateful for an affordable solution that keeps our Marz feeling great!! “- Hailey, Michigan