Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Canine Lymphoma- Know The Signs

Lymphoma is one of the most common and most researched forms of cancer in dogs. Dogs have several lymph nodes throughout the body. One of the first signs of lymphoma is a swollen lymph node. The best time to treat lymphoma is early on when the dog is feeling well and perhaps the only sign is a swollen lymph node.

Chemotherapy can significantly extend the life expectancy of the dog, often by more than a year. The goal of the chemotherapy is to kill off as many cancer cells as possible putting the lymphoma “in remission”. Most dogs tolerate chemotherapy pretty well, and drug technology advancements are enabling pet owners to administer some medications at home. Chemotherapy attacks the cancer throughout the dog's body but a few cancer cells remain.
Holistic therapies such as cancer vaccines, natural supplements and a low carbohydrate diet can help the dog’s immune system recognize and attack the hiding cancer cells. This may help the dog stay in remission longer and experience a stronger immune response when out of remission. If you notice that your dog has a swollen lymph node, it is important to contact your veterinarian right away. Using holistic remedies (diet changes and immune support supplements) combined with conventional veterinary therapies can give your dog the best chance to fight canine lymphoma.