Friday, October 20, 2023

K9 Yeast Defense New Value Size


NEW! 90 Capsule Value Size
Get 50% More Per Bottle

  • Relieves Dog Yeast Infection Symptoms Such As Itchy Skin, Licking at Genitals, Dog Yeast Odor & Ear Infections
  • Contains Pau D'Arco, Oregano Oil and Caprylic Acid For Dogs
  • Veterinary Approved Dog Skin Yeast Infection Treatment

🐾 Our K9 Yeast Defense is a natural blend of time-tested anti-fungals that are scientifically proven to work as a remedy for yeast infections/yeast overgrowth. This product works best when combined with our Power Probiotic.
🐾Yeast overgrowth can contribute to chronic ear infections, licking at groin/genitals, chewing on armpits or paws, facial rubbing, itching, and other skin problems.
🐾 K9 Yeast Defense contains Pau D’Arco, Oregano Oil, and Caprylic Acid for dogs.

Pau d'arco, caprylic acid, and oregano oil are natural remedies that can contribute to combating yeast overgrowth in dogs. Pau d'arco, derived from the inner bark of a South American tree, possesses anti-fungal properties that may help inhibit the growth of yeast in a dog's system. Caprylic acid, found in coconut oil, has demonstrated antifungal and antimicrobial effects, disrupting the cell walls of yeast and promoting a balanced microbial environment. Oregano oil, rich in compounds like carvacrol and thymol, exhibits potent antifungal and antibacterial properties, aiding in the control of yeast. These natural supplements work synergistically to address yeast issues in dogs by targeting the overgrowth of fungi while supporting the overall health of the digestive system. Integrating these natural remedies into a comprehensive approach that includes proper nutrition and veterinary guidance can contribute to a holistic strategy for managing yeast-related issues in dogs.