Monday, September 25, 2023

Rescue Roo Is Making Progress

Roo is making a lot of progress overall, he suffers from severe PTSD. He is getting used to his routine, loves running and playing with other dogs and is eating better (I still have to hold the bowl and feed him in a quiet place) He is happy and approaches both of us for pets and cuddles. But his overall fear of men hasn’t waned. Sadly the slightest noise or sudden movement can set him off. When he gets scared (most recently it was seeing a group of older boys playing nearby) his whole being shuts down. He runs for cover and reverts back to the way he was when we first got him. He even gets diarrhea from the stress! I know there are many Roos out there suffering with chronic anxiety. Time, patience and love seem to be the magic formulas along with a few other tricks to control stress-related diarrhea. Thanks for your care and concern about BuckaRoo.

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