Monday, August 14, 2023

Does Your Cat Eat Grass?

Cats are carnivores but they still like to nibble on grass. Eating grass is instinctive for cats. Homegrown cat grass serves as a safe and controlled alternative to outdoor grass, which may contain harmful pesticides or other chemicals. This is particularly important for indoor cats who don't have easy access to the outdoors.
Cat grass is widely available through various cat grass kits, making it convenient for pet owners to provide this satisfying and healthy snack for their kitties. The act of munching on cat grass not only offers a sensory experience but also serves as a source of dietary fiber. This can contribute to digestive health by aiding in the elimination of hairballs, a common issue for cats that groom themselves regularly. In addition to its digestive benefits, cat grass can act as a deterrent for cats inclined to chew on houseplants. By providing a designated and safe source of greenery, cat owners can redirect their pets' natural chewing behavior away from potentially toxic indoor plants. Interestingly, the act of eating grass might also serve a purpose similar to that observed in dogs. Cats may engage in this behavior to induce vomiting, helping them expel indigestible materials such as hairballs. While not all cats exhibit this behavior, having access to cat grass provides an outlet for those who do, contributing to their overall well-being and preventing potential digestive issues. If your kitty has an upset tummy or is vomiting hairballs, consider Soothing Digestive Relief. This trusted digestive supplement helps cats with sensitive stomachs, vomiting and indigestion. In conclusion, offering cat grass to kitties not only aligns with their instinctive behaviors but also provides various health benefits. From promoting digestive health to serving as a safe alternative to outdoor grass, cat grass is a simple and effective addition to a cat's environment, contributing to their physical and mental enrichment.

Author: Susan Blake Davis
Original Post: 8/14/2023
Reposted: 2/5/2024