Friday, April 28, 2023

In Loving Memory Of Legend

In loving memory of Legend, our beloved husky who touched the hearts of everyone who knew him. Legend was a true survivor, rescued from Tijuana and against all odds, lived a full and happy life in spite of his severe hip dysplasia, epilepsy and liver cancer diagnoses in Sept 2021.

Over the years, Legend proved to be a true legend indeed. He had a larger-than-life personality and was a friend to all. Legend was always up for an adventure, whether it was a hike in the woods or chasing squirrels at Dana Point Harbor. He was a faithful companion, a loyal friend, and a constant source of joy and comfort.
As Legend grew older, his spirit never dimmed. Even as his health declined, he remained brave and determined. He fought through his challenges with grace and dignity.
Legend may no longer be with us in physical form, but his spirit will always live on. We will never forget the joy he brought into our lives and the memories we shared with him. Rest in peace, dear Legend, and know that you will always be loved and remembered.