Friday, March 31, 2023

Do You Know What Yunnan Baiyo Is?

This miracle product is called Yunnan Baiyo but it should be called Yunnan Bow WOW! We are filled with gratitude to our amazing veterinarian Dr. David Gordon @archbeachvet and this miracle remedy. On Monday morning Legend sneezed and blood was everywhere—all over his paws, face and blanket. He has been anemic and his gums were already a little pale. Arch Beach is a very busy practice but Dr. Gordon’s team was waiting for us with open arms. We were concerned the blood was coming from Legend’s lungs as his CT Scan showed his liver tumor had metastasized. To our shock and glee, his lungs were ok.

We truly believe that is where all the holistic care helped him. But how to stop the bleeding? Enter Yunnan Baiyo! Over the past few days, Legend has gained strength (see yesterday’s video) and today no more bleeding.

If you know a pet owner whose dog has Hemangiosarcoma, nasal tumors or other bleeding tumors, this remedy can be a Godsend. It is also helpful for bleeding due to a trauma or injury. We are so thankful that Dr. Gordon had it and wanted to increase awareness as Yunnan Baiyo may provide life-saving help for a dog with a bleeding emergency.