Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Christmas Trees Are Temptations For Your Cat

Sparkling lights. Shiny ornaments. A climbing post. These are all things that cats love! Some cats will paw at ornaments, chase twinkling lights, hide deep inside the branches or climb right up to the top of a decorated Christmas tree. Cats are curious and like to explore. They are also natural climbers and their instinct is to get to the highest vantage point.

How do you keep your cat (and your Christmas tree) safe? Some cat owners use foil, decorative stones or other barriers around the base to discourage climbing. Get a stable stand to keep the tree secure and use jingle bells in the tree as an alert in case your adventurous kitty happens to land on a branch. Consider pricklier varieties of pine trees, like Colorado Blue Spruce or Norway Spruce, which are less appealing to cats. Best of all, make this holiday tradition special for your kitty by getting an alternative tree just for them - a cat climbing tree or perch placed right near the Christmas tree.