Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Beware Of Toxic Hazards In Your Garage

It’s busy and you don’t have time right now, but yet it’s so important. When is the last time you looked through your garage for toxic hazards? Many items in the garage can be hazardous to pets. Please be sure to keep these common items out of reach from your cats and dogs: Fertilizer, Antifreeze, Automotive Products, Cleaners, Pesticides (especially rat poison), Glue. During the holidays, we are distracted and this is when your pets get into trouble.

Many years ago when Legend was a pup, we discovered he had knocked a small container of fertilizer off the shelf (it was in a container that was shaped like a tomato so it looked and smelled like food). Luckily we heard the racket and there he was about to lick up the fertilizer off the floor. (We also had to bring him in to ER for ingestion of a xylitol muffin and rat poison at someone’s house.) He was tall as a person, a curious pup and enjoyed rummaging through the shelves! When did these incidents occur? When we had company, during the holidays or when we had important family health matters and weren’t watching his every move.

The holidays are a busy time! Take a few minutes to just make sure that dangerous items in your garage are out of your pet’s reach. Pets are strangely attracted to the smells and will eat them. If you think your pet has ingested anything, don’t wait. Please contact your vet or pet poison control helpline right away. Every second counts.