Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Help For Your Senior Cat With Kidney Disease

Do you have an older kitty? Did you know that kidney disease is a common condition that affects many senior cats? Most cats over 15 years of age will have some renal insufficiency. Signs can be subtle such as being more finicky with their food, especially in the morning. Cats may vomit more or start to lose weight. A routine senior blood panel and physical exam is the best way to know. If your cat does have kidney disease, finding out early can improve their prognosis. Ask Ariel's Kidney Health is an all-natural, proteolytic enzyme supplement that breaks down protein and assists the kidneys to eliminate metabolic waste. This tasteless, easy-to-use powder reduces the workload on the kidneys and can be mixed into food. It can be used with any senior cat to help maintain healthy kidney function.