Friday, October 7, 2022

How To Help Your Pet Lose Weight

Helping your pet lost weight can seem like an impossible task. Why? Because we love our pets, they want food and we want them to be happy! You can still spoil your pet and help them lose weight without depriving them of their favorite food and treats.

There is no need to make drastic changes. Here are a few gentle steps:
1) Make better choices with the food you give. Keep the carbohydrates down as that makes your pet hungrier faster! Choose raw freeze-dried, lean meats or vegetables over bread, rice, quinoa, biscuits or sugary fruit snacks.
2) As much you can, try to replace some of the pet food with vegetables so your pet feels full for longer. Adding green beans to meals can often reduce doggie begging.
3) Take advantage of the cooler weather and try to find a little time each day for a walk.
4) Use measuring scoops for kibble and don’t top off
5) Look for VOLUME in the foods you feed. A big bowl of veggies with pet food mixed in takes your pet longer to get through and digest than just the kibble or raw food patty by itself.