Wednesday, September 14, 2022

It Might Be Scary... But Be Brave

Yesterday was a tough day for us. Legend’s liver cancer has returned and he went in to have the tumor removed. Unfortunately, the tumor was inoperable due to its location and there were new liver nodules present as well.

In spite of all we went through, we have no regrets. While it was terribly disappointing to get the news, at least we know where we stand (waiting for biopsy results) and now have the information we need to make the very best decisions for Legend going forward. We are very grateful to Legend’s dedicated holistic veterinarian Dr. David Gordon Arch Beach Veterinary Clinic who has been guiding us through this challenging journey. However scary it was to go through the tests and surgery, we still have time left to see what else we can do. Without those tests, we would just be hoping he was doing ok at 14 years of age.

We wanted to share our story because we hope it might give you courage to move forward with any lab tests that you might be considering for your senior pet. While no one likes to get bad news, when it comes to lab tests, we all must find the courage to BE BRAVE so we can do the best for our pets.