Monday, May 9, 2022

How To Help Senior Cats With Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is most commonly seen in older-aged cats. Even if they have not been diagnosed with kidney disease, most cats over 15 years of age will have some renal insufficiency. Senior cats may become more finicky with their food, drink more water, or just stop eating breakfast for example. Kidney disease can make pets feel nauseated and cause them to vomit. It is a progressive condition but the rate can vary depending upon the cat's diet, supplements and overall health. Ask Ariel's Kidney Health is an all-natural, veterinary-approved proteolytic enzyme supplement that breaks down protein and assists the kidneys to eliminate metabolic waste. This tasteless, easy-to-use powder reduces the workload on the kidneys and can be mixed into food. It can be used with any senior cat to help maintain healthy kidney function.