Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Supplements For Pillow Paw That Really Work!


"This is Eddie showing off his lovely paw. He has been taking Power Probiotics and Immune Harmony since he had a terrible reaction to vaccinations which apparently made his immune system go haywire. He initially had a high prolonged fever and was on pain medication, fever reducer, and antibiotics. I started giving him Symbio Quent and Symbio Not and within a week the fever was gone. Then he developed pillow paw and winky eye and could barely walk so we started the Power Probiotics and Immune Harmony and again within the week his eyes were clear and paws back to normal. He’s a very special boy. He was found as a kitten injured and on the center stripe of a lonely two-lane blacktop. He’s been with me now for close to 10 years and thankfully back to his healthy and charming self. Thanks so much!"

Melinda -TX