Tuesday, January 4, 2022

In Memory Of Our Special Friend Sprocket

It is with a heavy heart we share that beautiful Sprocket, the darling Pomeranian of Mimi and Randy from New Mexico, has crossed the rainbow bridge.  Mimi and Randy have taken amazing care of Sprocket who lived to be 17 years old.  17 is very old for any dog but for a dog with the health issues she faced--it is simply miraculous. Sprocket was diagnosed with hepatic microvascular dysplasia at age 4 and over the course of her life, had some additional health challenges.  The fact Sprocket lived such a wonderful, high quality life shows the type of care adorable Sprocket was given.

Here is what Mimi and Randy shared about Sprocket's last days: 

"We got Sprocket out for a car ride and mall walk on the 28th, things she loved, and she was alert and engaged. Did not walk much, and was carried mostly, but she was hanging in there with more energy we’d seen the last few weeks. On the 29th, she was pretty tired and seemed a bit out of it. We let her be for most of the day. That evening when we came back from dinner, she had crossed over the rainbow bridge..".


Mimi and Randy are incredibly dedicated pet owners who fed Sprocket a special diet and also used Ask Ariel's supplements to keep Sprocket healthy and strong. Sprocket took the following supplements: Power ProbioticKidney Health (as well as another liver support supplement from the vet), Purrfect Pet CoQ10 50 mg and Amazing Omegas. As she got older and started limping, they started her on Curcumin for Pets, Arthrosoothe and Ultra-Flex for her collapsing trachea. She also used Resveratrol for Dogs.

We at Ask Ariel understand how hard it is to lose a beloved pet and send our sincerest condolensces to Randy and Mimi during this very difficult time.  Beautiful Sprocket will live forever in our hearts.