Sunday, September 26, 2021

Remember Me Thursday Honors Homeless Shelter Pets


Remember Me Thursday, which was held this year on September 21st, is an international awareness day meant to bring attention to the millions of adoptable pets waiting in shelters. Since the event was started in San Diego County almost a decade ago, the need for animal adoption has increased steadily. Here are ways you can still celebrate Remember Me Thursday:

  • Adopt A Shelter Pet. If you are considering adding a new cat or dog to your home, you can find many local pets available for adoption through
  • Volunteer At A Shelter or Rescue. If you aren't quite ready to add a new pet, most shelters are always looking for volunteers to help clean cages, play with cats, walk dogs or promote awareness.
  • Light a Candle for Remembrance. Light a candle as a peaceful way to honor the cats and dogs that were not lucky enough to make it out of the shelter and into a loving home. 

Promoting adoption and giving honor to animals who are left behind in shelters is what Remember Me Thursday is all about. Consider that changing just one mind can save the life of a cat or dog or need. Help others #SeeTheLight about pet adoption on #RememberMeThursday and everyday.