Thursday, August 12, 2021

Does Your Pet Freak Out When You Go To The Veterinarian?

Pets often experience anxiety when going to the vet due to a combination of unfamiliar environments, new smells, and the presence of other animals. The veterinary clinic represents a departure from their usual routine, triggering stress and unease. Additionally, pets may associate the vet with past experiences, such as vaccinations or treatments, leading to fear and apprehension. The sensation of being examined or handled by strangers, coupled with the unfamiliar sounds and scents of the clinic, can contribute to heightened anxiety levels. Pet owners can help alleviate this anxiety by introducing positive associations with the vet, such as offering treats, bringing familiar toys or blankets, and creating a calm and reassuring atmosphere during and after veterinary visits. Building trust and providing positive reinforcement can help mitigate the stress associated with vet visits, making the experience less daunting for our beloved animals. 

Here are some tips to help calm your pet: 

* If your pet is traumatized every time you go, see if there is a mobile vet in your area. 

* Talk to your pet in a reassuring way & explain what will be happening. 

* Bring some treats and reward your pet during the physical exam. 

* If your pet gets fear aggressive, call ahead and ask if you can be put in a room right away or wait in the car until they are ready. 

* Use supplements for calming such as PSY-stabil or Happy Paws Organic Hemp Extract

* Stay calm - pets pick up on our nonverbal cues and act out.